Medical Conditions


Please disclose whether taking any medications or suffering from any medical condition. Non-disclosure can result in deferring the operation date. As a result, additional cost may be incurred by the client.

Medications or substance such as aspirin, alcohol, consumed the day of or the before may interfere with the operation. This may cause the cancellation of the operation. Cancellation can result in additional cost to the client including the loss of the initial deposit.

Pre and post-op patient photos will be taken. They are to be used at the clinic´s discretion. In accordance with documenting your medical procedure. The patient can request their identity to be kept private.

Hair Restoration Europe reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.

Allergy/Hay fever
Keloid scarring or difficulty healing
Kidney disease
Asthma or wheezing
Kidney stone or blood in urine
Liver disease or jaundice
Back problems/pain
Loss of appetite/nausea/vomiting
Bladder infection
Lung trouble/disease
Bleeding tendency/clotting problems
Neuritis (inflammation of the nerve)
Bone or Joint deformity
Breathing difficulty
Pain in shoulder, arms or hands
Broken bones/bone disease
Palpitation or pounding heart
Burning or frequent urination
Peptic ulcer/stomach ulcer
Cancer, cyst, growth or a tumour
Phlebitis of vein
Change in bowel habits/bleeding
Problems during a surgical procedure
Chest pain or pressure
Prolonged hoarseness
Chills, fever or night sweats
Psychiatric/emotional problems
A chronic cough
Recent gain or loss of weight

Sexually transmitted disease
Excessive tiredness or fatigue
Sinus trouble
Eye injury or disease
Skin rash/disease
A family history of cancer
Shortness of breath
A family history of high blood pressure
Sugar or Albumen in urine
Frequent colds
Swelling of ankles or feet
Frequent or severe headaches
Swollen or painful joints
Frequent or severe indigestion
Tendonitis/weak wrists
Thyroid trouble
Head injury
Tightness in chest
Heart murmur/mitral valve prolapse
Trouble concentrating
Heart trouble/disease
High blood pressure
Hormonal problems
Repeated diarrhoea
Coughing or vomiting blood
Rheumatic Fever
Difficulty in sleeping
Ringing in the ears
Dizziness/fainting/passing out spells
Scarlet Fever
Double vision or blindness
Severe ear, nose, throat trouble

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