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FUE Hair Transplant One-Day Session From €2000

Free Hair Care Guide
Free Hair Care Guide – All About Beating Hair Loss. Receive your information request on hair restoration. Helpful information on hair loss causes and way to beat hair loss. Natural alternatives and approved hair loss treatments. Along with the latest surgical hair transplant techniques.

Online Hair Loss Consultation
Free, no-obligation hair assessment consultation service. The first step to hair restoration. An online consultation. Discover the options available to you. From approved hair loss treatment to surgical hair restoration. Measure your expectations against proven techniques. Compare your hair loss to real hair restoration results.

The latest follicular unit hair grafting techniques. Refined graft extraction with educated donor management. Combined with custom-made grafts placement. Deliver results to mimic nature. Natural hairline placement combined with high density and hair coverage. Treatment available for minor hairline and temple reconstruction to advanced hair loss stages.

FUE Hair Transplant
Hair Restoration Europe team have well over four decades of experience. Over this time helping thousands of hair sufferers. Being solely dedicated to hair restoration ensures our focus. The Doctor and Medical Team´s attention to perfection is an important aspect to our results.  The latest medical and hair transplant techniques available. With our unique blend of medical, artistic and patient care our priority. 

Hair Loss PRP-Therapy
Advice on hair loss treatment programmes. From male and female pattern hair loss. To alternative hair loss conditions. Suffered by both men and women. From FDA approved genetic hair loss treatments to medical therapy options. Defining the hair loss cause is the first priority before choosing the correct hair loss treatment.

Male baldness affects 25% of men in their 20’s and 70% of all men by the age of 60. Up to 50% of women have some degree of hair loss due to genetic factors over their lifetime.

Starting today can reverse your hair loss tomorrow.
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– Genetic hair loss can be inherited from both sides of the family
– The earlier hair loss starts the more likely it will progress to an advanced stage
– On average blondes have more hair and black is the most common hair colour in the world

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