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Top Questions About Hair and Hair Transplants

Top Hair Loss Questions Answered

Just a small sample of the top hair loss questions answered by Dr Fotis. Either through his online consultation service or the patients he sees in person. There are many misconceptions about hair loss. Maybe even more regarding surgical hair restoration. Dr Fotis hopes by isolating the top hair loss questions he answered helps to […]


Focus On Your Hairline Reconstruction

If you are one of the over 60% of men that suffer hair loss. At some point you may consider restoring your hair. For some it maybe a fleeting thought. For others it way more. If you suffer from hair loss you may be considering a hair transplants as a permanent solution to restoring your […]

Reasons For Hair Fall

Reasons For Hair To Fall

Hair loss causes can overlap. It´s possible to suffer from more than one hair loss condition at the same time. Same applies to treating hair loss. With a multi therapy approach.

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