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What happens if a hair transplant goes wrong? part 2

Don´t believe everything you hear. Don´t become a hair transplant victim. Do your research. What happens when a hair transplant goes wrong can be permanent.

male hair loss stages and dealing with hair loss

Why are men so hung up on having a good head of hair?

Hair loss naturally occurs in the majority of men. But it is seen by many as a flaw to be cured. Socially it is considered to be unwelcome. A sign of aging, losing ones youthful appearance, and even good looks. Why are men so hung-up with having a good head of hair. If it is […]


The most effective hair loss treatment?

Did you know. In the USA alone it is reported over 3.5 Billion Dollars is spent on hair loss products a year. It was also reported that something like 99 percent of all products being marketed are completely ineffective. Meaning, for the majority of those who use them. How many effective hair loss treatment are […]

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