Hair Transplant Pre-Operative Instructions


Do not take any medication that may have a relaxing influence before the procedure. If you have a medical condition advise the Clinic in advance of booking your procedure.

If you have been prescribed medication and are taking constantly it is your responsibility to inform the Doctor as soon as possible before your procedure and certainly before any medication is administered.

Blood Test

It is imperative to provide any medical information to the clinic as this may have a bearing on how the doctor approaches your operation. The decisions of your doctor can only be based upon the information they are given. Also, it could protect you as it gives a record of your blood work prior to your hair transplant. Ask the Clinic for the specific blood work required.

Avoid the Following

1. Resist the use of anti-inflammatory medications or aspirin 7 days before.

2. Avoid alcohol three days before and caffeinated drinks the day before.

3. Avoid minoxidil ten days before.

4. Avoid tobacco products at least twenty-four hours prior to surgery.

5. Avoid multivitamins such as vitamin B and E one week prior to surgery.

Alcohol and Nicotine

Alcohol and nicotine can create unnecessary difficulties during and post-operation and should be avoided 48 hours prior to the day. Smokers should avoid or minimise intake for 48 hours prior to surgery.


If you are using Minoxidil the majority of doctors will instruct you to stop sometimes a week before whereas Finasteride can be continued and no need to stop.

Transport & Accommodation

Ensure your stay and travel arrangements are as easy and comfortable as possible; try to arrive the day before your procedure in plenty of time so you can relax and get a good nights sleep, possibly even visit the clinic to acquaint yourself if you have not been before and if possible meet the doctor.

The morning of your hair transplant

Wash your hair the morning of the procedure; do not apply fixing sprays, concealers, gels or waxes.

Take breakfast the morning of the procedure, but no caffeinated drinks. Wear comfortable clothes and a shirt that has buttons down the front.

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