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For over twenty years the specialists at Hair Restoration Europe have been at the forefront of hair restoration. Delivering ethical advice and state of the art hair transplant results. Our focus is to create natural hairline designs, complemented by hair density and balanced hair coverage. From minor to advanced hair loss stages.

The Doctor and Medical Team´s attention to detail ensures the quality of your result. Blending the medical and artistic qualities required to achieve a natural result. Making the most of your natural hair characteristics to work to your advantage. Find out how we can restore your hair and confidence with our hair restoration programmes. Book today a free, no-obligation consultation.

Medical & Artistic Excellence

Delivering the highest medical and artistic standards with the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) hair transplant techniques with decades of experience in hair replacement.  With our surgical skills allowing us to blend with your existing hair, matching its natural direction to mimic nature and give you a permanent, and perfectly naturally growing head of hair.

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FUT-Icon The latest FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques. Natural hairline designs.  High hair density results.  Treating minor hairline reconstruction to advanced hair loss patterns. Expert in body hair and beard hair reconstruction techniques. Experienced in repairing old hair transplant mistakes

Consultation-and-Training-Icon-only simple and convenient way to start your hair restoration. A personal consultation assessment.  Ask a professional your questions. Receive expert advice and recommendations. Online or a personal consultation option. A chance to resolve your hair loss concerns. 

download Decades of experience in hair loss and hair restoration.  A personal service treating everyone as an individual. The highest medical standards upheld. With the Doctor performing key aspects of your procedure. The latest medical and surgical techniques available. 

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