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The cost of a hair transplant is likely to be high on your list of questions and concerns. There are many factors that make up the cost of a hair transplant procedure.

The Hair Transplant Technique

The cost will differ depending on the hair transplant technique used. The options being the FUE and FUT techniques. This includes the use of body hair and beard hair reconstructions. A hair transplant procedure can be scheduled over a single day or two consecutive days. As a result, this will affect the cost depending on the time frame required. Regardless of the technique, only follicular units are used on our hair transplant procedures.

Who Performs Your Hair Transplant

A hair transplant Doctor should have a major role in your hair transplant. From the moment of your consultation to the final graft being placed. They should be personally involved in specific aspects of the medical procedure. Regardless of the hair transplant technique. Their medical understanding of the skin and hair will ensure the careful extraction and placement of the grafts. With FUT the Doctor will excise the strip from the donor and with FUE punch the follicular units. Understanding the exit point of the hair shaft, understanding the direction under the skin, and understanding the skin characteristics and how they change. You should not expect to pay the same costs for a hair transplant with less to little Doctor input during the procedure. 

  • Consultation & Planning – Doctor Performed
  • Donor Management – Doctor Performed
  • FUT & FUE Donor Harvesting – Doctor Performed
  • Custom-Made Recipient Site Making – Doctor Performed
  • Constant Monitoring – Doctor Performed
  • Post Op Care – Doctor Performed
  • Graft Care & Cleaning – Hair Technician
  • Assisting The Doctor – Hair Technician
  • Hair Placement – Hair Technician
  • Patient Care – Hair Technician

The Number of Grafts Required

Follicular units grow in natural groups around the scalp. A successful hair transplant requires a variety of sized hair units. There is a higher distribution of larger units around the back of the head. The FU´s are prepared by the technician team. They are held in a special medical holding solution. When ready they are placed into the recipient area. After your procedure, you receive a breakdown of the number of grafts. Including the number of hairs per follicular unit.

The size of the surface area plays an important role. As do the natural hair characteristics. They can help and hinder the distribution of the grafts. They will either allow for greater or lower hair coverage depending on the quality of the hair. An approximation based on the minimum graft numbers generally required to make an aesthetic improvement but not necessarily relevant to any individual case)

Hairline and temples from approximately €1,950

Frontal third including the hairline and temples from approximately €3,875

The crown/vertex from approximately €2,600

Terms and Conditions For Booking Your Hair Transplant With Hair Restoration Europe

Do not judge or set your expectations by the best unless you know others can reach and match those same standards.

Dr Fotis – European Hair Restoration Specialist

Actions Have Consequences

So many aspects of life today are built around now. Everything is wanted and expected now. No waiting, answers at our figure tips. It is easy to become overconfident in the ability to make a proper decision.  The belief that one should not be denied their youthful looks can result in a hasty decision.

Do not assume the highest standards and protocols are met by everyone. Health and happiness are somethings we often take for granted. That is until we have a problem. Check for the protocols they have in place. Areas such as Doctor participation and experience, technician participation and experience, medical instruments used. Although the basic principles of a hair transplant may be the same.  The art of creating the most natural results is unique and not the same.

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FUE Hair Transplant Punch


The next step is having answers to your questions. With an online consultation, we want to make that as easy as possible for you. Not to mention, free and without obligation.

Your personal assessment is designed to answer your questions. Are you a good hair transplant candidate. What is your hair loss stage? Are your goals and expectations realistic? How many grafts, which technique and the cost.

For an online consultation and request a quote use the consultation form and complete the details. Alternatively, request more information on a hair restoration treatment by sending your contact details to us.

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