Hair Restoration Costs

Hair-Transplant-CostThe cost of a hair transplant is likely to be high on your list of questions and concerns. The cost of a hair transplant comes down to a number of factors.

The Hair Transplant Technique

The cost will differ depending on the hair transplant technique used. The options being the FUE and FUT techniques. This includes the use of body hair and beard hair reconstructions. A hair transplant procedure can be scheduled over a single day or two consecutive days. As a result, this will affect the cost depending on the time frame required. Regardless of technique, only follicular units are used on our hair transplant procedures.

The Follicular Unit Break-down

Follicular units grow in natural groups around the scalp. A successful hair transplant requires a variety of sized hair units.

There is a higher distribution of larger units around the back of the head. The FU´s are prepared by the technician team. They are held in a special medical holding solution. When ready they are placed into the recipient area. After your procedure, you receive a breakdown of the number of grafts. Including the number of hairs per follicular unit.

The Number of Grafts Required

The size of the surface area plays an important role. As do the natural hair characteristics. They can help and hinder the distribution of the grafts. They will either allow for greater or lower hair coverage depending on the quality of the hair.

Request Your Personal Quote

Your personal or online consultation will allow us to prepare the information. This will give you a breakdown of the recommended hair transplant technique and the number of grafts required.

When Quality and Care Matter

Hair Restoration Europe offers a high value for cost service. You will find fluctuations in the cost. We endeavour to ensure our service, treatment and results surpass your cost expectations. While the cost is a factor do not put it above the quality of care.

Low costs medical procedures can be attractive.  Ensure the attraction is backed up with proven expertise in surgical hair restoration.  Ensure corners are not cut to reduce the costs.

Areas such as Doctor participation and experience, technician participation and experience, medical instruments used. All can reduce the cost of a hair transplant procedure.

With our decades of treating patients, we have treated many hair transplant repair victims. Many that fell into the trap of low-cost and high promises. We understand your choice of Clinic is personal. It may not necessarily be us. But, we urge you to research and select your Clinic with care. It can be one of the most important decisions you make.

Below. an approximation based on the minimum graft numbers generally required to make an aesthetic improvement but not necessarily relevant to any individual case)

Hairline and temples from approximately €1,950

Frontal third including the hairline and temples from approximately €3,875

The crown/vertex from approximately €2,600

Terms and Conditions For Booking Your Hair Transplant With Hair Restoration Europe

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