Day of Your Procedure



Wash your hair the morning of your procedure. Do not apply fixing sprays, concealers, gels or waxes. Take breakfast and try to eat well but no caffeinated drinks. It is important to have an adequate blood sugar level and enough food to absorb your medication.

Wear comfortable clothes with a shirt that has buttons down the front.  Post-op you can easily put your shirt back on and not have to place over your head.  Arrive promptly at the clinic. Gives you time to relax and complete any required paperwork in peace without fuss.


Your consultation is a time to reaffirm your expectations and ensure everyone is on the same page. The Doctor will confirm your medical history and the planning of your day. They will design your hairline if required and map out your donor area. It is time for you to ask any questions before moving to the next stage.

Your big day has arrived. Do everything you can to make the day run smoothly and keep relaxed. Any initial nerves will soon go as you start to feel comfortable with the knowledgeable and caring medical team around you.


Medications are given, such as sedation, antibiotics. The donor area is cleaned with an antiseptic then anaesthesia injected. This numbs the area ready for the procedure.

There is generally no discomfort during the procedure. Most patients find they drift in and out of sleep.  As the day wears on if you start to feel any discomfort let your doctor know. As there is no need to feel any discomfort.



A Hair Transplant is a team performance.  It relies on the skills of individuals to reach a successful result. The doctor will not perform every aspect of your procedure.  They have set protocols in place to ensure the highest standards.

Doctors perform aspects such as strip removal and closer with FUT. Then make the placement sites. With FUE the doctor should punch the follicular units from the donor. Before making the placement sites. Some doctors place grafts but the majority have their own placement team.

Dependent on the size of the procedure there will normally be a break for lunch. You and the medical team have time to eat and stretch your legs. After lunch, the procedure continues until finished. Try not to clock watch as it makes the time go slower.


After your procedure, you should return to your home or hotel. Makes sure you have enough to eat and drink with you. Avoid having to go shopping so there is no need to go out. Take any medication that has been provided.  Arrange a comfortable sleeping position for yourself. Try to sleep for the first few nights in a slightly upright position.


The day of your hair transplant can vary from below but this is to give you an understanding how your day is planned. The Medical Team work together in carrying out their duties. To ensure the efficient and smooth running of your procedure. The simple goal every member is working towards is the successfully result of your hair transplant.

  • Your Consultation – Consent Form – Hairline Design – Q & A – Recipient and Donor Hair Measurements
  • Prepared for Surgery – Medications Administered
  • Donor Area Prepared – Shaved – Cleaned – Anaesthesia (FUE) and (FUT)
  • Donor Hair Extracted – FUE or FUT
  • Graft Care – Cutting – Cleaning – Dividing – Under Magnification – Maintained In A Holding Solution
  • Patient Break – At some point a break to stretch your legs, and a bite to eat
  • Graft Care – Continued
  • Recipient Sites Created – Under Magnification
  • Graft Placement – Under Magnification
  • Cleaning of the Recipient and Donor Areas – Finish
  • Post-op Instructions – Dr normally or Tech in the absence of the Dr


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