Follicular Unit Transplant - "FUT"

FUT-IconFUT hair transplant surgery has been a popular harvesting method for many years. It allows the efficient harvesting of follicular units in a single day procedure.  The safe strip zone will be measured, length and width. Calculated on the number of follicular units required.

The Strip harvesting safe zone can measure between 0.5cm to 2.0 cm wide. With the hair-bearing strip being removed from the back of the scalp. The edges are brought together and sutured. This leaves a fine linear scar hidden under your hair.

Under Magnification

The strip is separated into smaller sections. These are then divided into the individual units by the technician team. One factor of this process is to trim off any excess fatty tissue.

Follicular Unit transplanting separates the natural groups of hairs. From one to four hairs in each group.  This allows each natural group to be utilised in the optimum position. The technicians are careful to avoid injury to the follicles during the dissection process.  This will be performed using microscopes to ensure the clean cutting and high graft survival is maintained.

The careful preparation ensures the grafts are refined and clean, ready to be placed. Allowing them to be dense packed and avoiding unnatural pitting or ridging of the skin in the recipient area.

Due care and attention are paid to the angle of placement. Ensuring the hair follows the same growth pattern as the existing hair. Also to mind that no damage is caused to surrounding hair or the scalp.

The Importance Of Team Work

A Strip procedure must run smoothly. There are many aspects and people involved during the procedure. It is vital that all areas are running on time and together. The doctor will oversee the entire procedure even though they may not be hands-on for some of it.

Closure Developments

Developments in the closure technique have allowed for greater donor management. A thin lip is created on the top edge of the closure. This allows for the two edges to be brought together seamlessly.  This allows hairs to grow through the line to reduce the appearance of the scar in the future. This closure may not always be suitable is known as the Trichophytic Closure or by similar names.

  • FUT shaving is minimal and easily hidden under a little hair length
  • Makes little to no changes to the hair density in the donor
  • Can be performed multiple times and leave only the one linear scar
  • Will generally allow for more grafts to be removed over time
  • A one-day procedure
  • The linear scar requires a few cms of hair length to cover
  • Slower post-op recovery of the donor compared to FUE

Over multiple procedures, it will tighten the skin laxity around the donor area.

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