Dr Lukasz Banasiak Hair Transplant Specialist

Dr Lukasz Banasiak devotes himself completely to the field of surgical aesthetics. The field he has always loved. He has a keen interest in anti-ageing medicine. Wanting to restore a more youthful appearance for his patients. Adding to the vitality and well-being of people whom he treats. As he believes there is a cross-over. Between overall wellbeing and improved self-confidence and self-esteem. Helping to promote a better and healthier lifestyle. On the right candidate, Dr Lukasz Banasiak hair transplant specialist can restore lost hair. From hairline rebuilding to advanced hair loss reconstruction.

Dr Lukasz Banasiak plastic surgeon hair transplant specialist Poland

Dr Lukasz Banasiak, hair transplant specialist believes in Doctor performed hair transplants. Aided by his skilled team of hair technicians. A specialist in FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques. Including Body Hair FUE. As well as beard, eyebrow and eyelash reconstruction. Scar englobing, cosmetic defects and deformation repairs. His surgical background and skills give him an added advantage. Especially when treating demanding cases such as repair work. Dr Lukasz´s surgical skills allow his patients to have more options available.

A UK registered Doctor. Under the GMC (General Medical Council) of England and Wales. Having practised medicine as well as a hair restoration specialist in London. As well as working in the UK Dr Lukasz has worked across a number of European cities. Helping thousands of hair loss and cosmetic reconstructive patients. Now, working in his native Poland. But travels to meet the demands of his patients and performs consultations around Europe.

Dr. Lukasz Banasiak Surgical Credentials

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences – 2010. He began his specialisation in plastic surgery in 2011. At the Plastic Surgery Clinic of the W. Orłowski in Warsaw. Thereafter he continued from 2014. At the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital of A. Jurasza in Bydgoszcz. To encompass his interests in issues related to plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. He further increased his qualifications by taking part in numerous scientific conferences. Including congresses and courses in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Poland and abroad. 

Dr Banasiak is a member of the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Society. He is involved in many areas of medical research. With a number of published articles (below). He believes in developing his knowledge and skills for the good of his patients. One area of research has been in molecular phylogenetics. The study of hereditary molecular differences. Mainly in DNA sequences. To gain information about an organism’s evolutionary relationships. Studies in this field have included whether a different repertoire of keratin genes among mammals can potentially explain the phenotypic hair features of different lineages.

Specialist techniques and treated conditions

FUE technique

FUT technique

BHFUE technique

Beard reconstruction

Scar repairs

Skin laxity

Hair loss types




Nasal septum

Cosmetic defects


Cleft lip and palate

Skin ageing treatment

Perfection in care, surgical and aesthetic results

While approaches will differ in the field of surgical aesthetics. The required surgical skills are not dissimilar. Dr Łukasz has innate attention to detail. As well as being patient care led. With the focus and priority on the tiniest perfection and attention to detail.

Dr Lukasz Banasiak has an extensive understanding of aesthetics. Including anatomy and bone structure. His knowledge also covers all areas of hair retention and restoration. Ranging from surgical to medical treatment programmes. As a result, gives him the ability to look at his patients and immediately envisage how he can improve on their looks. Dr Banasiak ensures his patients are well educated regarding their procedure. As a result, understand the principles behind a hair transplant.

His belief that everyone deserves individual care. As hair loss along with other aesthetic conditions is personal. As a hair transplant can be life-enhancing. Every person deserves that individual understanding. From the consultation and planning. To the performance of the hair transplant procedure. For instance, Dr Łukasz Banasiak is a strong believer in a good bedside manner. His good nature. Helps his patients feel at ease. Stress-free and overall comfortable experience. Including longer-term after-care. With everyone having slightly different goals and expectations. As a result, important every hair transplant is considered personal.

Dr Lukasz B FUE Hair Transplant Poland

FUT and FUE, Body Hair FUE Hair Transplant Techniques – Wroclaw

A true specialist in surgical hair restoration. As a result, is adept at all three donor hair management techniques.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The removal of intact hair units. One by one. Also, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). Having developed his own protocols. For example, for graft management, care, handling and placement.

With the FUE method, adept using manual and motorised. Each method has pros and cons. As a result, can adapt to the patient needs. Hair characteristics and donor hair qualities. This reduces any risk. For instance, damaging the hair follicles. As well as to improve healing. The size of his punch alters dependent on the individual´s hair characteristics. Also, the donor area as Dr Łukasz Banasiak also performs body hair FUE, using hair from the chest, beard mainly to aid hair restoration when the conventional donor has been depleted. He is not a believer in a mega session FUE procedure. Feeling they are to the detriment of healing and donor hair management.

Follicular Unit Transplant. Being able to extract over 4000 grafts on a good FUT candidate. His refined donor management protocols allow his patients with only average skin laxity to maximise their graft numbers in one procedure. This, coupled with his closure technique allows hair growth through the closure line to minimise any signs of extraction. With good healing, it is possible to keep a very short hairstyle without FUT line is obvious.

Doctor Participation In Your Hair Transplant

A hair transplant regardless of technique is a surgical procedure. As a result, should be planned and performed by a medically qualified person. A hair transplant is personal. For instance, you are not purchasing a like for like off the shelf product. You are investing in a bespoke surgical procedure. Along with the artistic ability of the Doctor. With protocols to ensure the highest aesthetic results are achieved. To ensure the correct planning and long term-well-being of every patient is maintained.

  • Consultation & Planning – Doctor Performed
  • Donor Management – Doctor Performed
  • FUT & FUE Donor Harvesting – Doctor Performed
  • Custom-Planned Recipient Site Making – Doctor Performed
  • Constant Monitoring – Doctor Performed
  • Post Op Care – Doctor Performed

Dr Lukasz Banasiak Hair Transplant Training

As the Doctor’s first priority is to the patient and attention to details he feels a duty to pass on his experience and knowledge. He believes a well-prepared hair transplant candidate will be a very satisfied hair transplant patient. Working with his patients to create a master plan for their result. An individual with realistic expectations will be able to achieve the best in hair restoration a hair transplant can provide with Dr Łukasz Banasiak.

Dr Lukasz Banasiak – Hair Specialist is keen to improve the knowledge of his peers. Those already working in hair restoration or medical persons looking to enter the field of hair transplantation. Improving the quality provided to hair loss sufferers can only ensure better hair transplants are being performed. As a result, Dr Lukasz Banasiak offers training sessions on both FUT and FUE techniques. As well as additional courses on patient care, consultation services, diagnosis and assessment protocols.

Research, Teaching and Publications

Research issues

  • molecular phylogenetics
  • taxonomy
  • historical biogeography
  • reconstruction of the evolution of morphological features
  • evolution of life forms and their relationship to the rate of molecular evolution
  • more information here



  • Spalik K., Wojewódzka A., Constantinidis T., Downie SR., Gierek M., Banasiak Ł. (2019). Laserocarpum, a new genus of Apiaceae endemic to Greece. Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 88 (3): 3635 [download pdf file] .
  • Wojewódzka A., Baczyński J., Banasiak Ł., Downie SR., Czarnocka-Cieciura A., Gierek M., Frankiewicz K., Spalik K. (2019). Evolutionary shifts in fruit dispersal syndromes in Apiaceae tribe Scandiceae. Plant Systematics and Evolution 305 (5): 401–414 [download pdf file] .
  • Banasiak Ł., Pietras M., Wrzosek M., Okrasińska A., Gorczak M., Kolanowska M., Pawłowska J. (2019). Aureoboletus projectellus (Fungi, Boletales) – occurrence data, environmental layers and habitat suitability models for North America and Europe. Data in Brief, 23: 103779 [download pdf file] .
  • Banasiak Ł., Pietras M., Wrzosek M., Okrasińska A., Gorczak M., Kolanowska M., Pawłowska J. (2019) Aureoboletus projectellus (Fungi, Boletales) – An American bolete rapidly spreading in Europe as a new model species for studying expansion of macrofungi. Fungal Ecology 39: 94-99 [download pdf file] .
  • Panahi M., Banasiak Ł., Piwczyński M., Puchałka R., Kanani MR., Oskolski AA., Modnicki D., Miłobędzka A., Spalik K. (2018). Taxonomy of the traditional medicinal plant genus Ferula (Apiaceae) is confounded by incongruence between nuclear rDNA and plastid DNA. Bot J Linnean Soc 188 (2): 173-189 [download pdf file] .
  • Kedzierska U., Banasiak Ł., Kiela PR, Majewski PM (2018). Significance of NF-kappaB signaling and PARP1 activity in the TNF-induced inhibition of PHEX gene expression in human Osteoblasts. Acta Biochimica Polonica 65: 573-571.
  • Banasiak Ł., Wojewódzka A., Baczyński J., Reduron JP., Piwczyński M., Kurzyna-Młynik R., Gutaker R., Czarnocka-Cieciura A., Kosmala-Grzechnik S., Spalik K. (2016). Phylogeny of Apiaceae subtribe Daucinae and the taxonomic delineation of its genera. Taxon 6 (3): 563-585.
  • Ejsmond MJ, Ejsmond A., Banasiak Ł., Karpińska-Kołaczek M., Kozłowski J. & Kołaczek P. (2015). Large pollen at high temperature: an adaptation to increased competition on the stigma? Plant Ecology, doi: 10.1007 / s11258-015-0519-z [download pdf file] .
  • Panahi M., Banasiak Ł., Piwczyński M., Puchałka R., Oskolski AA & Spalik K. (2015). Phylogenetic relationships among Dorema, Ferula and Leutea; (Apiaceae: Scandiceae: Ferulinae) inferred from nrDNA ITS and cpDNA noncoding sequences. Taxon, 64, 770–783.
  • Spalilk K., Banasiak Ł., Feist MAE, Downie SR (2014). Recurrent short-distance dispersal explains wide distributions of hydrophytic umbellifers (Apiaceae tribe Oenantheae). Journal of Biogeography 41: 1559-1571.
  • Banasiak, Ł., Piwczyński, M., Uliński, T., Downie, SR, Watson, MF, Shakya, B., Spalik, K. (2013), Dispersal patterns in space and time: a case study of Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae . Journal of Biogeography. 40: 1324-35.
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