Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis - Hair Transplant Specialist

Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis is a hair transplant specialist for over 12 years. He is a firm believer in quality above quantity. He performs much of his own procedures with the aid of his technician team. With expertise in the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques. Including Body Hair FUE procedures and beard hair reconstruction. FUT he offers the latest closure techniques to ensure the most refined closure possible. FUE using a manual punch method and extraction technique. Having worked as a hair restoration specialist in London, UK, registered under the GMC (General Medical Council) as well as other European countries. Helping thousands of hair loss patients in that time. Now, back in his home country of Greece.

Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis Eye For Perfection

Graduated from the Medical University of Sofia (Bulgaria) 2001. Dr Fotis´ first love and speciality field are in Ophthalmology. Ophthalmology resident at the ophthalmology clinic, University-General Hospital of Larisa-Greece. Dealing with the structure, functions, and diseases of the eye. Performing surgery on such a delicate organ as the eye requires an innate skill.

Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis

The surgical skills required fr such delicate procedures are married with with the Doctor´s personal skills. Talking and dealing with his patients. He has always believed that every one person needs individual care. Regardless if their medical procedure is a necessity or voluntary. Like a hair transplant. The choices can be life-changing and always a big decision. Dr Fotis has always been a strong believer in a good bedside manner. His genuine good nature and caring personality rub off on his technical team. With the result of making your hair transplant a simple, stress-free and overall comfortable experience.

The surgical skills required to perform on a delicate organ such as the eye are not too dissimilar those of a hair follicle. The attention to detail, working with delicate tissue. Needing the utmost care and touch to not damage the hairs. His innate attention to detail and patient care led him to surgical hair restoration. He first found his love for surgical hair restoration in 2007.

FUT and FUE, Body Hair FUE Specialist

Trained in the performance of Follicular Unit Extraction. The individual removal of intact hair units one by one. Also, Follicular Unit Transplant technique. During this time he began to develop his own protocols for graft handling and grafts placement.

With his FUE method, he prefers to use a manual punch tool for the majority of his patients. The manual punch he believes gives him much greater control over each movement. This reduces any risk of damaging the hair follicles and minimises any scarring left after healing. The size of his punch alters dependent on the individual´s hair characteristics. Also, the donor area as Dr Fotis also performs body hair FUE, using hair from the chest, beard mainly to aid hair restoration when the conventional donor has been depleted. He is not a believer in a mega session FUE procedure. Feeling they are to the detriment of healing and donor hair management.

Follicular Unit Transplant. Being able to extract over 4000 grafts on a good FUT candidate. His refined donor management protocols allow his patients with only average skin laxity to maximise their graft numbers in one procedure. This, coupled with his closure technique allows hair growth through the closure line to minimise any signs of extraction. With good healing, it is possible to keep a very short hairstyle without FUT line is obvious.

The refinements he made allowed his technical team to perform their duties in a more efficient and precise manner. Something important for the best care and keeping the hair follicles hydrated. He maintains strict protocols for the preparation and handling of the hair follicles to maximise the yield and quality of every single hair unit removed. Since then has developed his own techniques to perform both FUE and FUT to a high standard for both men and women.

Doctor Participation In Your Hair Transplant

The basic principles of a hair transplant may be the same.  The art of creating the most natural results is unique. You are not buying a like for like product and just comparing the cost. You are investing in a bespoke surgical and artistic ability of a person. The hair transplant Doctor. To be able to perform their work to the highest surgical standards. With standards of protocols to ensure minimal detrimental changes occur. Aspects such as shock-loss, hair loss, scarring, over harvesting. To ensure the correct planning and long term-well-being of every patient is considered and made priority.

  • Consultation & Planning – Doctor Performed
  • Donor Management – Doctor Performed
  • FUT & FUE Donor Harvesting – Doctor Performed
  • Custom-Made Recipient Site Making – Doctor Performed
  • Constant Monitoring – Doctor Performed
  • Post Op Care – Doctor Performed

Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis Hair Transplant Expert & Training

As the Doctor’s first priority is to the patient and attention to details he feels a duty to pass on his experience and knowledge. He believes a well-prepared hair transplant candidate will be a very satisfied hair transplant patient. Working with his patients to create a master plan for their result. An individual with realistic expectations will be able to achieve the best in hair restoration a hair transplant can provide with Dr Fotis.

Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis is keen to improve the knowledge of his peers. Those already working in hair restoration or medical persons looking to enter the field of hair transplantation. Improving the quality provided to hair loss sufferers can only ensure better hair transplants are being performed. As a result, Dr Fotis offers training sessions on both FUT and FUE techniques. As well as additional courses on patient care, consultation services, diagnosis and assessment protocols.

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