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Hair Transplant Donor Hair Techniques

Top 3 Hair Transplant Donor Hair Techniques

In life today people demand excellence. That is the same with cosmetic medicine or surgery. Advances in hair loss treatments and surgical hair transplantation have opened medical innovation and possibilities. Hair loss can have deep psychological effects on both men and woman. Consciously or subconsciously this can affect confidence. Can lead to low self-esteem. Here are the 3 top hair transplant donor hair management techniques available today.

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Using Body Hair for Hair Transplant Hair Restoration (BHFUE)

Deciding on a hair transplant is a big decision to make. With many aspects that need to be considered. How good a candidate are you in the first place? Almost everyone can have at least one hair transplant. What if more are needed. What if there is not enough hair to continue to treat the hair loss? Using body hair for a hair transplant hair restoration is becoming more common. BHFUE, as it is also known, allows hair to be used from other areas of the body.

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Choosing your hairline with a hair transplant

Can I choose my hairline for a hair transplant?

The majority of men and women suffering from hair loss first notice because of changes in their hairlines. A hairline frames the person’s face. It can have a great impact on how the individual looks. Fundamentally the design can create a youthful or mature look to the person’s appearance. Faces come in all different shapes and sizes. Bone structure varies and no two faces are the same. In fact the face is not symmetrical. With differences from one side to the other. The same applies to the hairline design also. Can you choose your hairline for a hair transplant? Not a question to give a simple answer. Yes and maybe or a no. Dependent on if you choose the correct hairline to suit you today and in the future.

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Importance Of Good Hair Today

How Important Is Having Good Hair Today?

Generally, man or woman we try to look our best. It makes us feel good about ourselves. We like to convey a youthful appearance to others. 21st century living has its own demands. More and more people look to cosmetic surgery for answers to the aging process. Especially with social media being so present in our daily lives. How important is having good hair today?

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Top Questions About Hair and Hair Transplants

Top Hair Loss Questions Answered

Just a small sample of the top hair loss questions answered by Dr Fotis. Either through his online consultation service or the patients he sees in person. There are many misconceptions about hair loss. Maybe even more regarding surgical hair restoration. Dr Fotis hopes by isolating the top hair loss questions he answered helps to detangle some of the misconceptions out there.

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