Top Questions About Hair and Hair Transplants

Top Hair Loss Questions Answered

Just a small sample of the top hair loss questions answered by Dr Fotis. Either through his online consultation service or the patients he sees in person. There are many misconceptions about hair loss. Maybe even more regarding surgical hair restoration. Dr Fotis hopes by isolating the top hair loss questions he answered helps to detangle some of the misconceptions out there.

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Focus On Your Hairline Reconstruction

If you are one of the over 60% of men that suffer hair loss. At some point you may consider restoring your hair. For some it maybe a fleeting thought. For others it way more. If you suffer from hair loss you may be considering a hair transplants as a permanent solution to restoring your hair. Possibly the most important aspects being the hairline. With the focus on your hairline reconstruction adds a more youthful look. As a result improved self-confidence and esteem.

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Reasons For Hair Fall

Reasons For Hair To Fall

We see hair falling out every day. How much of this hair loss is natural hair shedding. Or, is a percentage of this actual hair loss? Reasons for hair to fall vary greatly. Hair loss causes occur to both men and women. While it is true certain reasons for hair to fall are more common to a specific gender. The majority of reasons are common to both. Before considering treating any hair loss it should be diagnosed. With so many reasons for hair to fall it´s possible to interpret the wrong cause.

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Ways To Conceal Hair Loss

Ways To Hide Hair Loss

With hair loss affecting the majority of men. Male pattern baldness can start in the early twenties for some men. The hair loss is generally slow but progressive. Normally the first signs of hair loss are either thinning or a receding hairline and temples. Occasionally thinning hair in the crown or parting area. Often the first step is denial. Hoping it just stops. Other ways to hide hair loss can involve a little creativity. If you catch hair loss early enough there maybe no need to find ways to hide it. But with a few ideas and tips you can make the most of your hair. Whilst maybe looking for the best long-term solution to hair loss.

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How Long To Go Bald

How Long Does It Take To Go Bald?

Crystal balls don’t exist. So predicting hair loss patterns is not a certainty. The future is not exactly predictable. There are often changes for good and bad. From relationships, jobs, life in general. We can make as many plans as we like but sometimes nature has a different view. So, understanding how long it can take to go bald is far from a certainty.

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