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Hair Restoration Europe – Hair Transplants in Thessaloniki, GREECE

Thessaloniki, Greece – Hair Transplant Clinic is a perfect location to help our hair transplant clients from around Europe and beyond. We offer our high standards of care and medical quality to every hair transplant we perform. Experts in FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques. With a population of nearly 800.000 making it the fifth largest and most populated city in the Balkans. As the second most populated city that is not a capital. Only after Istanbul. Thessaloniki is Greece’s second major economic, industrial, commercial and political centre. Being a major transportation hub and communication point for the rest of south-eastern Europe. As well as Europe in general.

Hair Restoration Europe – Thessaloniki, Greece

Hair Transplant Techniques –


FUE Technique

  • Extraction is randomly spread and leaves no linear scar
  • Post-operative recovery is fast and less restrictive
  • Able to “cherry pick” the hairs to suit the area of placement
  • Widens the donor area available in conjunction with Strip
  • Gives a new alternative to repair especially with the advent of BH

FUT Technique

  • FUT shaving is minimal and easily hidden under a little hair length
  • Makes little to no changes to the hair density in the donor
  • Can be performed multiple times and leave only the one linear scar
  • Will generally allow for more grafts to be removed over time
  • A one-day procedure

Body Hair FUE

  • Expands the traditional donor area
  • Helps individuals with poor scalp hair characteristics
  • More options for hair transplant repairs
  • Fast recovery period
  • Can help to hide visible scarring

Doctor Performed Hair Transplants

Although the basic principles of a hair transplant may be the same.  The art of creating the most natural results is unique and not the same. It is unfair to compare like for like Clinic unless they offer a like for like service and protocols. It is important to compare the standards and the technical ability of the Clinic to set your expectations accordingly.



  • Consultation & Planning – Doctor Performed
  • Donor Management – Doctor Performed
  • FUT & FUE Donor Harvesting – Doctor Performed
  • Custom-Made Recipient Site Making – Doctor Performed
  • Constant Monitoring – Doctor Performed
  • Post Op Care – Doctor Performed
  • Graft Care & Cleaning – Hair Technician
  • Assisting The Doctor – Hair Technician
  • Hair Placement – Hair Technician
  • Patient Care – Hair Technician

Body Hair FUE

Thessaloniki, Greece Hair Transplant Specialist – Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis

Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis is a hair transplant specialist for over 10 years. He is a firm believer in quality above quantity. He performs much of his own procedures with the aid of his technician team. With expertise in the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques. Including Body Hair FUE procedures and beard hair reconstruction. FUT he offers the latest closure techniques to ensure the most refined closure possible. FUE using a manual punch method and extraction technique. Having worked around Europe and has helped thousands of patients in that time.

Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis Hair Transplant Expert

Dr Fotis´ first love and speciality field are in Ophthalmology. Dealing with the structure, functions, and diseases of the eye. Performing surgery on such a delicate organ as the eye requires an innate skill. As a result, the process is not dissimilar to the care of a hair follicle. Delicate tissue, needing the utmost care and touch to not be damaged. He first found his love for surgical hair restoration in 2007. Since then has developed his own techniques to perform both FUE and FUT to a high standard for both men and women. He maintains strict protocols for the preparation and handling of the hair follicles to maximise the yield and quality of every single hair unit removed.


You can start with only asking general questions if you wish. The next step is having personally created answers to your personal questions. With an online consultation, we want to make that as easy as possible for you. Not to mention, free and without obligation.

Your personal assessment is designed to answer your questions. Are you better suited to treatment or a hair transplant? Are you a good hair transplant candidate? What is your hair loss stage? Are your goals and expectations realistic? Which technique to use, and how many grafts are required? As well as the cost for your hair restoration.

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