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Hair Restoration Europe has decades of experience in treating hair loss and hair restoration

Our Position on Hair Restoration

Hair loss can occur at any time in our life. Affecting men and women equally. The onset of hair loss can be distressing. As a result, affecting our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Being an expert in the FUE, FUT and Body Hair techniques. We pride ourselves on the medical and artistic quality we deliver along with the personal service we believe everyone deserves. We perform our hair transplants in London, UK and Thessaloniki, GREECE. This allows you to decide on the location, timing and budget to suit your needs. All to the highest standards and quality in hair restoration regardless of the location.

We Are Programmed To Like Hair

The science of Evolutionary Psychology explains well and can help us understand our behaviour and lust for a good head of hair. The approach of explaining human behaviour based on the combination of evolutionary biology, anthropology, intellectual science, and the neurosciences.

Any perceived defect in our make-up can affect how we interact with others.  It can be a vulnerable subject in our lives, and others can take advantage of this vulnerability. Because of the very personal nature often our judgment making, and decision process can be illogical.

No one belittles the reaction to hair loss. The perceived premature ageing or feeling less attractive to others. It must be understood before undergoing any treatment it is far from being a miracle.  Happiness is far from being guaranteed, short or long term. Although, it can certainly be sold on the basis or at least inferred that restoring your hair can be the answer.

At Hair Restoration Europe we believe in planning. This will ensure your short and long-term happiness with your hair restoration. Being informed will help manage your expectations.  As a result, help to safeguard your long-term hair restoration. Understanding how your expectations can be met requires an understanding of the principles of a hair transplant procedure. Also, the methods applied by the Clinic in achieving your result. Not all hair transplants are equal. For example, the hair density placed, the number of grafts received can differ depending on the experience of the Clinic.

Compare Like For Like Hair Transplant Protocols

Although the basic principles of a hair transplant may be the same.  The art of creating the most natural results is unique and not the same. It is unfair to compare like for like Clinic unless they offer a like for like service and protocols. It is important to compare the standards and the technical ability of the Clinic to set your expectations accordingly.

When Quality and Care Matter

We understand a busy lifestyle can hamper researching.  It is not always simple and convenient to spend your time cross-checking information. One aim of HRE is to cut through the terms and phrases. Breakthrough the claims to give you the basic principles of a hair transplant procedure and medicine.

With many things in life, there are degrees of quality and standards.  We can choose the importance and value we put on something. With hair restoration or any aesthetic treatment, there should be no compromise.

Ensure your choices lead to positives changes. The result will affect your life. There is no reason to compromise your expectations. No reason to compromise your choice of quality.

With HRE we do not compromise our standards. You also, do not have to compromise yours. Ensuring your short and long-term well-being is the priority. Your understanding of the procedure and the planning will ensure this. Ultimately allowing you to restore your hair with the knowledge you are in safe hands.

Strict Protocols For Quality Hair Restoration

Throughout every aspect of a hair transplant, there should be protocols in place. These protocols are designed to enhance the quality of your hair transplant result. This includes not only today but your long-term hair restoration needs. Protocols ensure the highest ethical standards are maintained to ensure the overall quality of your hair and scalp.

The general principles of a hair transplant are relatively simple. The movement of hairs from one area to another. How this is achieved and to what standard will dictate the short and long-term quality of the result.

Hairline Placement & Design

Donor Harvesting

Hair Density

Hair Angle and Orientation


All the above will affect the standard of the result of a hair transplant. They are all controllable by the individual performing the hair transplant. Therefore, a hair transplant result is only as good as those that perform the procedure.

Hair Transplant Europe Team

The Hair Restoration Europe team have well over four decades of combined experience. Over this time helping thousands of hair sufferers. Our experience allows us to treat many hair loss conditions.

We specialise in all recognised surgical hair restoration techniques. The FUT and FUE hair transplants including body hair.  As well as the practice of medical therapy treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP Therapy. Being solely dedicated to hair restoration ensures our focus.  We understand vital areas such as the hairline design. Graft placement and hair angles. Hair density and coverage. With our placement, we can mimic the illusion of a natural hair density. As a result, each hair achieves greater coverage over your head. We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest medical developments. This ensures our practice can deliver only the most natural hair transplant results.

Planning For Your Happy Future

Hair loss can sometimes make us allow our heart to rule our heads. That is why we place importance on planning. As a result, you can understand the process of your hair loss and restoration plan.

The Doctor and Medical Team´s attention to perfection is an important aspect to your result. Listening to each person´s goals and expectations. Blending the medical and artistic qualities required to achieve a natural result. Making the most of your natural hair characteristics to work to your advantage. Combining all the necessary factors to reach the best plan for you today and long-term. Including the best technique to use, the ideal hairline placement and the graft numbers required.

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Free, No-obligation Consultation

The next step is having answers to your questions. With an online consultation, we want to make that as easy as possible for you. Not to mention, free and without obligation.

Your personal assessment is designed to answer your questions. Are you a good hair transplant candidate. What is your hair loss stage? Are your goals and expectations realistic? How many grafts, which technique and the cost.

For an online consultation and request a quote use the consultation form and complete the details. Alternatively, request more information on a hair restoration treatment by sending your contact details to us.

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