How Important Is Having Good Hair Today?

Importance Of Good Hair Today

How Important Is Having Good Hair Today?

Generally, man or woman we try to look our best. It makes us feel good about ourselves. We like to convey a youthful appearance to others. 21st century living has its own demands. More and more people look to cosmetic surgery for answers to the aging process. Especially with social media being so present in our daily lives. How important is having good hair today?

Natural Hairlines Created from A Hair Transplant

Hair loss can have deep psychological effects on both men and woman. Consciously or subconsciously this can affect confidence. The ability to interact with others easily. As a result can lead to low self-esteem. We are constantly told of the benefits of appearing to look youthful. Through the competitive and ever so more image conscious world we live in. The need to be the best, look good, feel young, look young is ever present in marketing. Also overlaps into our lives. We all like to hear from someone that we are looking well, or good.

Having the ability to restore something genetics has deprived us of can restore our own feel good factor with our-selves. A more youthful appearance gives back that self-confidence and self-esteem. Which can then reach out in to all aspects of our lives, business and pleasure and relationships. Because when we feel good about ourselves, it shows to others in a confidence that does not have to be spoken.

In the great scheme of life. A head of hair may to some seem a relatively unimportant feature. But surveys have shown. That men with a good head of hair are more likely to be hired for work. When compared with their equally qualified, balding counterparts. So the stereotype is alive and well. As a result, fuels our insecurities and desire to look more youthful. As it makes us feel and portray a more positive persona to others.


Hair seems to have gone in and out of fashion over time. Some find an inner strength through shaving their hair off. Even if they have a good hairline and head of hair. By shaving the hair short generally reduces the contrast between the hair and skin. Including any areas of thinning or hair loss.

We are bombarded with images of perceived perfection and ideals of success. We are perpetually fed how we should look and to be considered to be successful fit a mould. The science of Evolutionary Psychology explains well. To help us understand our behaviour and lust for a good head of hair. The approach of explaining human behaviour. Based on the combination of evolutionary biology, anthropology, intellectual science, and the neurosciences.

The man´s phycology is influenced by what he feels is important to a potential partner. If a man feels his chances are reduced due by an inadequacy he will want to minimise the odds of rejection. No different for a woman wanting to appear youthful, healthy to a potential partner. This may seem a Freudian approach. But in broad terms it is correct and imbedded within us. The appearance of strength, health and youth are aids in attracting a potential mate.


A young man can sometimes have greater insecurities about how others perceive them. Physically and intellectually. Any perceived defect can affect how we interact with others. It can be a vulnerable time. It is a time when the male hormone testosterone is at its peak. Judgment making and decision process can be totally illogical. Sometimes any amount of common sense reasoning goes unheeded and dismissed. Young men can be huge risk takers. Often completely blind to the potential consequences.

No one belittles a younger man´s reaction to hair loss. Along with their perceived premature ageing. Or being less attractive to a potential partner due to hair loss. But it must be understood before undergoing any surgical procedure it is far from being a miracle. Happiness is far from being guaranteed, short or long term.

An older man may want to restore a more youthful appearance. But be concerned it may not look natural. Especially the hairline placement. Too low it the hairline may not complement the bone structure of an older face. Too high and it can accentuate the hair loss. If the recession is too high. It is hard for most to relate to the psychological aspects of why we need hair when we are young or old.


Advances have been made in hair loss medications and surgical hair restoration. A “miracle cure” may not be around the corner, but there are viable options available. Is a hair transplant suitable for everyone? Will you be happy, why are some people more suited than others, and why are some not suitable at all?

The donor supply coupled with the extent of hair loss the candidate is suffering from. Also the potential for hair loss in the future must be equated as best as possible. This is harder to determine in the early stages of hair loss. As a result, planning must be in keeping with the limitations of the donor supply and thinking of the future. Some candidates, a few very lucky people have “home run” donor supply. Meaning they can treat almost any degree of hair loss. But these candidates should not be seen as average or even very good but the exception to the rule.

Another aspect in making someone a good hair transplant candidate and ultimately very happy is the person’s expectations. Goals short and long term. Hair loss is an emotive issue. That touches people of all ages. There is no boundaries for hair loss, and wanting to regain a good head of hair. It crosses age, wealth, and lifestyle. The temptation is to want to return to a stage before hair loss was obvious, but this is generally not feasible.

The candidate must first have a good understanding to the pros and cons of a hair transplant. This is an important aspect of making a happy hair transplant patient. One who understands the procedure will ultimately be happier and have no regrets with the final result. Those who do not understand can find themselves being unhappy long term. Their initial goals maybe met but longer term they are unhappy. They possibly did not listen to the education they were given or did not receive the information in the first place.

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