Focus On Your Hairline Reconstruction


Focus On Your Hairline Reconstruction

If you are one of the over 60% of men that suffer hair loss. At some point you may consider restoring your hair. For some it maybe a fleeting thought. For others it way more. If you suffer from hair loss you may be considering a hair transplants as a permanent solution to restoring your hair. Possibly the most important aspects being the hairline. With the focus on your hairline reconstruction adds a more youthful look. As a result improved self-confidence and esteem.


While there can be multiple areas a hair transplant can improve. The main focus of a hair transplant may be to restore a receding hairline. Adding volume and a more uniform hairline can help to improve confidence. The flip side is that poor hairline planning could leave poor results. As a result of a hair transplant procedure. An poorly designed or placed hairline can look inappropriate and unnatural. Worst scenario, it may result in further surgical procedures to correct it. Therefore the first focus on your hairline reconstruction should be planning.

A good hair transplant should leave patients with a natural looking head of hair. There are natural proportions to our bone structure that automatically look appealing to the eye. That enhances the aesthetic appearance and as a result often the self-esteem of the individual. This is why planning your hairline thoroughly with your surgeon is vital in making sure your hair transplant delivers great results.


Many of us don’t give it a second thought until we start to lose our hair. But, whether you notice it or not. Your hairline and hair in general plays an important role in your appearance. Especially framing your face in respect to the hairline. When a hairline begins to recede or the area generally becomes thinner. It blurs the frame of the face. In some cases can change the look dramatically. Adding years to someone’s appearance. This often leads to an over compensation when considering hairline reconstruction.

Be careful what you wish for. At a younger age it is common to want to return to the state before hair loss started. However finding the right balance is important when planning your hair transplant. Remember, the hair transplanted hair is permanent. Where your hairline is positioned will shape your facial characteristics. For good or bad depending on the hairline design and placement. Ensure the focus on your hairline reconstruction is to look natural. That you achieve a more youthful in the process.


There are many technical and cosmetic factors to consider when planning a hairline. The natural hair characteristics of the individual. The natural shape curvature and angles of the temple recession. Male and female hairlines being different. Importantly the potential of future hair loss and the ability to restore a balanced hair coverage being possible.

A low, flat hairline on a relatively young face make look natural at the time. But it’s important to consider the look in 10-20 years time. The same can apply for a high hairline. Could prematurely age an individual. Resulting in corrective treatment to compensate for the look. As a result, the best solution is often a compromise. Find the look that works for now, as well as for the future. Good donor hair management protocols will ensure ethical hair transplant surgeon follow this practice.

Consider also this. You are in the early stages of hair loss and decide to repair your slightly receded hairline. Over the forthcoming years your hair loss advances. More so than other men in your family. Although you are able to restore hair over some of your hair loss pattern. Because you fixed your hairline so low when younger. The balance of hair growth is now unnatural. Front-loaded with more hair forward and a larger area of hair loss behind.


Typically, approximately 30% of scalp hair follicles have one hair. 40% have two hairs and 30% of follicles have three to four hairs. this varies from person to person, natural hair characteristics and ethnic background.

When designing a hair transplant it is important for a varied mix of each hair grouping. For example single hair units for the hairline and larger groupings to add the thickness behind. The front hairline needs to create a soft natural look. Hairline placement, density and thickness can vary from ethnic origin and genetic background. It is not always advisable to just follow a trend in hairlines. But best to mimic nature and your pre-existing makeup. The apex is always the lowest aspect of the hair line and all measurements must take this in to consideration, as well as facial bone structure.

Ultimately, planning your hairline should always be at the forefront of your mind with your hair transplant. Talking to a variety of hair restoration specialists. Getting their take on hairline design and hair transplant planning. Taking into consideration your natural bone structure, age and hair characteristics. Measure your expectations against what is possible and what can realistically be achieved. Getting it wrong can not only leave you unsatisfied with the results, but also the cost of repairing it.

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