4 Ways To Hide Hair Loss

Ways To Conceal Hair Loss

4 Ways To Hide Hair Loss

Hair loss affects the majority of men and for some men, male pattern baldness can start in the early twenties. The hair loss is generally slow but progressive, normally the first signs of hair loss are either thinning or a receding hairline and temples. Occasionally thinning hair in the crown or parting area. Often the first step is denial. Hoping it just stops. Other ways to hide hair loss can involve a little creativity. If you catch hair loss early enough there maybe no need to find ways to hide it. But with a few ideas and these 4 ways to hide hair loss you can make the most of your hair, whilst maybe looking for a more long -term solution to hair loss.

It´s certainly one of the first thing we think about. When we realise hair loss has started. Some are obvious. Like changing our hairstyle. Even this can be taken to a new level with the type of styling. At the other end of the scale there are more technical options. Cosmetic procedures and products as well as surgical and non-surgical options. All depending how advanced your hair loss is.

Although genetic hair loss is the most common for men. There are many types of alopecia that men and women suffer from. Conditions such a traction alopecia, alopecia areata are both quite common. Before starting any treatment it is best to diagnose your hair loss condition. This can include the hair loss cause, how advanced is your stage. Resulting in the potential treatments available. A hair loss consultation can be started online many times. Sending your details to a hair treatment and hair restoration specialist.

Many of my patients realise hair loss started way before they decided to do anything about it. In hindsight they wished to have contacted me earlier. This is very normal feeling for many. I always recommend a consultation if you are concerned. You don´t have to act immediately on the results. but you will have the knowledge of what you can do if you wish.

Dr Fotis – European Hair Loss & FUE / FUT Hair Restoration Specialist – UK and Greece

Your Hairstyle

Your natural hair characteristics can help with this. Curly or wavy hair giving the illusion of greater hair volume. A good stylist will know the tricks of the trade. How to make the most from less. for example, blunt the ends of the hair to make them look thicker. Or leaving the hair longer in areas to help disguise thinning areas. Fixing products such as mousses and gels can build hair volume. Blow-dry your will add to the affect and look. A good haircut and styling products can make a difference. But is obviously temporary as your thinning progresses over time. There will come a point no hair stylist can make your hair look thick and strong. This is often when a man decides to shave the remaining hair to zero. reducing the signs of contrast and thinning.

Hair Colour To Skin Complexion

Contrast between your hair colour and skin complexion makes a huge difference. The higher the contrast the more obvious the hair loss or thinning will be. For example, dark hair against a fair skin complexion will be more obvious. Light hair colour and a light complexion the thinning is much less obvious. Even working to a positive. making your head of hair appear thicker than reality. Hair colours can help with this. If you naturally have a high contrast. Using a hair colour can reduce the contrast. Maybe best to not try this for yourself. Not at first anyway. But visit a professional hair stylist. Asks for suggestions about the best shades and time required to leave the products to work.

Concealers, Pigmentation & Weaves

Hair Loss Concealer Products

The focus on concealers and scalp micro pigmentation also relies on the contrast between scalp and hair colour. Hair thinning becomes obvious when we have lost around 40% hair density. So blocking the sight of thinning reduces the look of hair loss. Hair fibres or concealers are a cosmetic wash-out product. Available in many colours to suit the hair colour.

The metal fillings fix themselves to the hair shaft adding volume. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is also a cosmetic product but more permanent. An ink or pigment is applied to the skin similar to a body art tattoo. It’s possible to treat even advanced hair loss with this treatment. But it does mean keeping your remaining hair shaved. As the pigment acts to create the illusion of tiny hair follicles shaved.

Hair weaves, extensions, pieces, hair replacement systems differ greatly in quality and types. M ade with human and synthetic fibres. Occasionally a mix of both. You anchor them to either your existing hair or your skin.

Permanent Hair Restoration

Of all the above methods they are all different versions of concealing the problem. The hair loss still exists and is either masked or concealed with a product, style or treatment. As hair loss is progressive it is important to assess your expectations against the pros and cons of a permanent hair restoration solution. A hair transplant for example is the permanent movement of healthy hair follicles. But will not cure hair loss. So the best time to have a hair transplant can depend on your hair loss stage and your age. As well as the potential for hair loss in the future.

The FUE hair transplant removes individual hair follicles one by one from the donor area. This area is located around the back and sides of the head. Where the genetically healthy hairs are situated. In skilled hands Follicular Unit Extraction can mimic natural hair growth. Design a new hairline and increase your hair coverage and density. Even on advanced hair loss patterns.

always seek professional help before starting any treatment. Medical or natural treatments are not always suitable for every hair loss condition. Some have side effects. Taking the advice from a hair loss professional like Dr Fotis at Hair Restoration Europe in Greece and the UK will stop you making the wrong choices. With so many hair loss conditions and stages. As well as treatments available. Making the right decision can help to maintain your hair in the best possible way.

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