Are You Paying For Hairs Or Hair Follicles?

How Does A Hair Transplant Work?

Are You Paying For Hairs Or Hair Follicles?

The cost of a hair transplant is a big issue for the majority. But, do you know what are you paying for? Are you paying for a hair transplant day or the number of hairs or hair follicles? It´s important to understand how the cost of your hair transplant is calculated. Otherwise, you do not know what you are really paying for. What seems a good deal may not be. Not necessarily with respect to the financial cost. But the quality of your hair transplant result.

Hairs, grafts, hair follicles, what´s the fuss about?

Hairs grow in natural groups or bunches around our head. These groups of hairs are called follicular units, FU´s. A follicular unit can be made up of a single hair. Or, up to four hairs. Naturally, we have more single and two hair FU´s around the sides of our head. With a higher concentration of three and four hair units at the back. Today’s hair transplant techniques use follicular units to create a natural result. This allows a skilled hair transplant Doctor to create natural hairlines, hair density and coverage. even on advanced hair loss stages.

Years back, large bunches of hairs were moved. But never created a natural looking hair coverage. The same applies if small hair units are used. The result will be a thin see-through hairline and hair coverage. As a result, anything used but natural follicular units will not command a high-quality hair transplant result.

Are you paying per graft?

It´s common the term graft/s is used when talking about how large a hair transplant procedure has been. The advent of Follicular Unit Surgery changed the entire method of placement, keeping the natural groups intact when removed and placing them in the same natural groupings back into the recipient area.

Typically, approximately 30% of scalp hair follicles have one hair,  40% have two hairs and 30% of follicles have three to four hairs, but this varies from person to person and ethnic background.

Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis

At your hair loss consultation confirm when a Clinic uses the term graft what they actually mean. Do they mean a single hair transplanted? As a result, 2000 grafts means 2000 hairs. Or, do they mean 2000 grafts equals 4600 hairs? As on average a graft will contain 2.3 hairs due to using a mixture of different sized follicular units.

If you´ve paid per hair you could have paid over double for less hair.

The natural groupings can be changed when the hair is removed from the donor area. The two techniques for harvesting hair differ. The Strip technique. The FU are intact in the donor strip. They need to be surgically divided into separate hair units. Whereas FUE the FU´s are individually removed. As a result, already separated from each other.

Splitting hairs, or follicular units

Splitting up the hair units can make it look like you received a much bigger hair transplant than you have. The splitting of units should not occur to simply increase the graft numbers. It can mean you are paying more for less and be to the detriment of your hair transplant result. As a successful hair transplant relies on a good distribution of the different hair units.

On the face of it, the cost can appear low. But when broken down actually work out to be expensive. When you are paying for hairs and not hair follicles. Or, follicular units. Low-cost can mean low quality if your hairs don´t add up to enough hair follicles.

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