Low-Cost Hair Transplants – means low quality? Part 3


Low-Cost Hair Transplants – means low quality? Part 3

How important is the quality of your cosmetic surgery result to you? Would you be willing to reduce the quality if the cost also reduced? In Low-cost hair transplant -means low quality? Part 1 and Part 2 we have looked at specific areas of the FUE hair transplant procedure. In this article, we will continue to look at the protocols in place. Whether they impact on the potential hair transplant quality and result.

We discussed how an important aspect of the low-cost hair transplant is speed. Being able to perform many hair transplants in a day. Opposed to a bespoke hair transplant which takes much longer due to intense protocols. In this article, we will discuss the difference in FUE punch control. With the focus on the punch type used. The angle, direction and transection of the hair follicles. So, does low-cost mean low quality? or you can have the best of both worlds?

Bespoke Hair Transplant Protocols

A hair transplant takes a great deal of time to perform. The Doctor´s time is taken up during the hair transplant procedure. Performing vital aspects for both the FUT and FUE techniques. When not physically being active in the hair transplant they will be checking and monitoring the technical team. Ensuring the graft quality is maintained. It´s the details that make for the best hair transplant results. That and a good candidate with good hair characteristics. But, the detail in the execution of the hair transplant procedure. Maintaining strict protocols that are adhered to. Will ensure the best hair growth and donor hair management.

A major evolution in improving surgical hair restoration has been good donor management. Being able to harvest natural growing groups of hairs known as Follicular Units (FU´s). Containing one to four hairs. Whilst causing minimum change to the donor characteristics. Be it after one or multiple hair transplant procedures.

Devil is in the detail – FUE Punch Control and Extraction Protocols

FUE is a blind extraction. Each extraction can vary slightly dependent on the area of the scalp. As well as the angle the FU exits the scalp. It is important the doctor can understand the need to alter their position. There will be greater scarring potential and increased transection. The constant need to change position is not something that can be avoided. Regardless of tool size or the type of tool.

Punch control is vital. The effects may not be obvious. May take years to become evident. This will achieve the minimum transaction rate. Also, as a result, the least trauma to the surrounding hair units. A largely forgotten aspect to a hair transplant.

The greater the friction created the harder to balance the direction of the punch. The punch requires a delicate touch and control. The finger to the punch pressure helps gauge the skin characteristics. It is possible to minimise transaction to as little as 1-2% in some cases. Even on demanding cases rarely increases to above 5%. This is only made possible by the touch sense gained through the minimal transference of distance and resistance between his fingers and the punch.

Controlling transection

Greater resistance due to poor technique or inferior instruments can create a ripple effect over the skin. Effecting peripheral hairs in the surrounding area. Potentially causing damage to these as well as the hair follicles being removed.

There can be a number of negative effects if a hair unit is split, or “transected”. For example, a three hair unit divided into 2 and 1 hair. Assuming any survived the trauma. Transection can kill the hair. Splitting the follicular unit´s vital growth or survival attributes.

Removing and using an intact follicular unit requires skilled punching and extraction. Understanding the angle and directional changes under the skin surface. This understanding minimises the risks. But leaving a transected hair follicle is just as bad. The remaining hair can miniaturise or die. Leaving a diffused hair density over the donor area.

So, Why Bespoke Hair Transplant Protocols

Often the donor is forgotten about with a hair transplant. it´s all about the hair growth. But when hair loss progresses the donor is a vital characteristic. Or if left with visible scarring or patchy hair growth. All of a sudden the hair growth result loses the quality.

Plans for future hair loss

Multiple FUE sessions can treat advanced hair loss

Little to no different look to your hair around the back and sides

Greater flexibility with hairstyles, short or even shaved maybe possible

No need to use concealers to make your hair look normal

More natural hair styling possible

Better hair coverage with fewer hair grafts/follicular units

So, What advantages are there to faster hair placement methods?

With less understanding of anatomy, graft extraction is simply nothing more than creating a cut to the skin. Little skill or understanding of anatomy. No understanding of depth control, transection, orientation or angle of the extraction.

The microcirculation is just beneath the hair follicle. If the incision is too deep this can be damaged. It is essential to minimise trauma to the skin tissue. Excessive trauma can create excessive scarring. Often cause long term numbness. Occasionally also permanent shock loss.

Speed orientated hair extraction can remove 1000´s of hair units in a few hours. With no protocols for the pattern of extraction. No educated harvesting protocol is much faster. There is no need to monitor the hair density or the average hair numbers in any specific area. The focus is simply on the hair extraction. Reaching the required numbers for that procedure.

The Doctor is not making the punch extractions. There is little to no understanding of angle and orientation. For example how the hair exits the scalp is not the same as the position under the skin.

Expectations of perfection or speed, but not both
Enough importance cannot be given to having an educated donor management plan It´s a time-consuming aspect of the FUE hair transplant. Painfully slow. But the patience and care will show in the result. Improved cosmetic results that are permanent. Less risk or damage to the hair and skin. A superior result, in general, can be achieved from custom design donor management.

For more information on donor hair management. Including a bespoke hair transplant versus low-cost examples request more information today.

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