Question: How Many Hairs Fall Out A Day


Question: How Many Hairs Fall Out A Day


Hair falling out is a daily occurrence. It´s perfectly natural to see hairs falling daily. How many hairs fall in a day can alter. From a natural shedding of hair daily to an increased fall. A sudden increase can often lead to hair loss. Opposed to the daily fall out and regrowth that occurs normally. We have around 120,000 hairs follicles growing hairs on our head. Not all the hairs are visible all the time. Otherwise when hair falls out a bald patch would open until the hair grew back again.

We have around 90% of our hair actively rowing on our heads. With the 10% going through the regeneration phase. Basically, waiting to pop up and grow. Anagen is the growth phase of hair and it lasts about two to three years. Telogen is the resting phase of hair growth and it lasts only three to four months.

At the end of the resting phase, the hair strands in this pattern fall out. The new hair enters the growth phase with the average person shedding from 50 to 100 hairs each day. Some people have interruptions in their normal phases of hair growth. As a result, in either temporary or permanent hair loss, the daily shedding of hair can increase.

There are three major types of ethnic hair. Asian, African and  Caucasian. People of Asian descent will have a naturally lower hair density. The hair remains straight along the length. The individual hairs are coarse. Ethnic African hair has the characteristic of irregular curling. This gives high coverage and the appearance of high density. , But, the diameter of the hair shaft is actually relatively fine. Caucasian hair is between these two extremes. Also, shows great variation. People with blonde hair have the highest number of follicles. Those with red hair has the fewest. Black hair is the most common hair colour in the world regardless of hair type.

Hair loss can be caused by hormonal problems, disease, medication, medical treatments, heredity, infection and nutritional deficiency. If you believe you may be suffering from increased hair shedding or hair loss. A free, no-obligation consultation may be a good first step to finding out the answers.

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