Ways to hide hair loss for men


Ways to hide hair loss for men

Attempting to hide the signs of hair loss is often the first reaction. It´s only a minor recession, or the crown is just a little thinner. Maybe it is seasonal. Or, my hair is maturing. The ways to hide hair loss can range from the rather simple to the rather elaborate. From a simple change of hairstyle to a surgical hair restoration procedure. Hair loss can be a rather emotive issue. On occasions, our heart can rule our heads and our wallets. If hair loss is a concern it is best to seek professional advice. A consultation with a hair loss specialist can help with many answers. For now, here are a few ways to hide hair loss to be going on with.

creative hairstyling

The ultimate and worst cover-up hairstyle has to be the comb-over. It varies on how obvious this style can be. From a mildly lower than usual side parting to multiple partings with long hair covering from one side of the head to the other. More subtle hairstyles are cutting your hair shorter. This can give the illusion of a more even looking hair coverage. Creative hair cuts have become the norm, such as the Caesar cut. This helps hide a receded hairline and temple recession with the hair combed forward. Now, there are quite a few styling and cutting options available. Such as the Short Side, Swept Temple Fade, Spiky Top Shadow Fade, Clean Shaped-Up Hairline and the Short And Messy.

hair systems

A hairpiece or partial wig, hair system or second skin. They are all one in the same variations of hair replacement cover-up. Made of natural or synthetic hair. Attached to the head or existing hair with tapes, clips or glues. They can be purchased as an off-the-shelf product or a bespoke, made to measure item. While a woman can wear a wig to cosmetically change her look. This carries no stigma at all. For a man, it is generally less accepted. Toupée manufacturers’ financial results indicate that toupée use is in overall decline. Largely due to alternative methods for dealing with hair loss.

concealer products

A hair loss concealer is a powder or spray. It´s applied directly to the hair and scalp. The aim is to mask the thinning hair. This is achieved by adding bulk or fullness to the remaining hair. The fibres stick to the hair shaft. They can be fixed with the help of a hair spray. helping them to not rub off when touched. There is a concern in the rain or getting wet. Whether the fibres will run. They are available in a variety of colours. Allowing anyone from blonde to black hair to use the product. It comes to a point when they can no longer be convincing. when there is less hair for the fibres to cling to.

hair transplant

The one permanent approach to hiding hair loss. A minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic. Genetically healthy hair is moved to the areas of hair loss. Even when moved the hair retains the same qualities. As a result, will continue to grow quite naturally. A hair transplant can treat minor hair loss to advanced patterns on the right candidate. With two recognised hair transplant techniques today The FUT and FUE techniques using follicular unit grafting. A hair transplant is a skilled medical procedure. For the best results, it requires a skilled Doctor and team. Extracting the hair units and placing them naturally to mimic nature. With unnoticeable results from natural hair growth. Not everyone is a good hair transplant candidate. Undergo a full and thorough medical consultation first.

scalp tattoo

Head tattoo, scalp pigmentation, scalp micro pigmentation. All variations of the same hair loss concealer treatment. A pigment applied to the skin in tiny small dots. Similar process to a traditional body art tattoo. The small dots can mimic the look of shaved hair follicles. It has the advantage of not relying on hair. As a result, even advanced hair loss patterns can benefit from this treatment. Giving the look of a full head of hair. Only shaved.

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