Question: Is smoking a cause of hair loss and damage a hair transplant?


Question: Is smoking a cause of hair loss and damage a hair transplant?

It is known that the nicotine present in cigarettes contracts blood vessels in the scalp. This affects the blood supply. Hair follicles rely on the blood supply to grow hair cells. As a result, will smoking cause hair loss? Anything that affects the circulation of blood in the scalp can reduce the healing rate. Smoking after a hair transplant can affect the supply of blood to the scalp.

Hair transplant patients should consider the impact of smoking on the results of their procedure. Notwithstanding obviously their general health and well-being. Its common for people to ask; will smoking affect my hair transplant results?

Any reduction in the rate of healing can cause the newly transplanted hair follicles to atrophy and potentially die. Especially as the hair follicles are delicate once they have been moved to the new recipient sites. In addition, carbon monoxide reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen.

Poor circulation can hinder the healing of the newly paced hair follicles. The lengthier the healing process the greater the risk of infection. If the skin has problems healing and closing the wounds, the scabs can remain on the surface much longer and increase the likelihood of forming a thicker tissue.

How many is too many?

Excessive consumption of cigarettes over a long period will cause hair loss, among other problems. Smoking affects the lungs, the liver and reduces blood circulation to the body extremities. Your hair follicles depend on a steady supply of oxygen and blood to thrive. Unhealthy or dying follicles lead directly to excessive hair fall. Smoking cigarettes has been linked to both temporary hair loss from Telogen Effluvium. Also, the permanent hair loss conditions male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss.

There have been several studies that establish a relationship between hair loss and smoking. A 2007 study has shown that smoking between 1 and 20 cigarettes per day can cause a moderate or severe decrease in oxygen transport in tissues in men who are reaching an advanced age. Although the exact association between hair loss and smoking could not be found, it is assumed that smoking affects the circulation of the blood, which causes the hair follicles to suffer a lack of oxygenation and die.

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