The Feel-Good Factor Of Having Hair

The Cost Of Hair Loss And A Hair Transplant

The Feel-Good Factor Of Having Hair

Hair loss can have deep psychological effects for both men and woman. A good head of hair has been associated with a feel-good factor within us. Consciously or subconsciously hair loss can affect confidence, the ability to interact with others easily. Also, can lead to low self-esteem. And the reminder of age.

It´s in our genes to love hair

In the scheme of life, a head of hair may to some seem a relatively unimportant aspect. But surveys have shown that people with a good head of hair are more likely to find employment. This is compared to equally qualified, balding counterparts. Obviously, this is totally irrational and unfair. In research behavioural studies scientists have indicated that having a good head of hair is linked to self-expression. In society, a good head of hair plays a part in how we conduct and express ourselves. It is commonly heralded that hair is synonymous with beauty, youthfulness and vitality as well as strength.

The science of Evolutionary Psychology explains well and can help  us understand our behaviour and lust for a good head of hair. The approach of explaining human behaviour based on the combination of evolutionary biology, anthropology, intellectual science, and the neurosciences.

The key is to understand human behaviour that is universally aimed at the passing of one’s genes into the next generation, much like the hair loss gene. But one difference is there is a possibility to make a constructive decision on how we deal with this aspect.

The stereotype of preconditioned beliefs. The woman attracted to a man that looks healthy and strong to protect and provide for her family. The woman is not focussed on a man with hair as such, not literally. Not on such a superficial level. But subconsciously the feelings are there. Be it poor hair, skin, nails, weight, these can show an inflated sign of our age and wellbeing. Although hair loss is not actually related to age or health in cases of male pattern hair loss it can be seen as part of the ageing process. This in turn long term health.

Getting back that feel-good factor

Having the ability to restore something genetics has deprived us of can be strong. Restore our own feel-good factor with our- selves. A more youthful appearance gives back the self- confidence and self-esteem. This can reach out to all aspects of our lives, business and  personal. Feeling good can be felt by others. Others can feel our confidence that does not have to be spoken. There are no barriers, age, gender and genre. Be it a young man with early thinning, a 50 something coming wanting a more youthful look, or a woman feeling she is losing her femininity.

Hair transplantation is known under many names. Surgical Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant Surgery, or by the actual technique names. STRIP Surgery/”FUT” and Follicular Unit Extraction or  “FUE”. A hair transplant invloves the redistribution of genetically strong hair from an area called the “donor site”. Placing this hair to an area of hair loss, known as the “recipient area”.

Make sure you make the right hair restoration choices

No one belittles an individual´s reaction to hair loss. Perceived ageing or being less attractive due to hair loss. Make the right choices. Never let your heart rule your head. Understand why you want a better head of hair. Importantly, understand surgical hair restoration is not a miracle happiness treatment. It can take time and research to understand the pros and cons to hair restoration. Making the wrong decision can make the situation much worse. Bad decisions can result in an unnatural look, poor hair growth and or excessive visible scarring. Any and all of these can ruin any possibility of regaining a normal looking head of hair again. Either of having hair or losing hair naturally over time.

A consultation is the first step to restoring your hair. Multiple consultations and multiple opinions. Narrow down your options and the pros and cons to the various hair restoration techniques. Beware of the perfect treatments and anything is possible. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. Balanced personal expectations against what is technically possible. Do not judge everyone by the highest standards without evidence.

As patients have demanded more natural results from surgical procedures the hair transplant techniques have evolved. The hairline design is an art, to create natural irregularities. Refined hair placement that gives a gradual increase in hair density required. The ability to mimic nature and give full hair coverage even on advanced hair loss stages.

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