Question: When Does A Hair Transplant Grow?


Question: When Does A Hair Transplant Grow?


A hair transplant result will take months to fully grow. For a hair transplant to grow, it involves two main factors. Firstly the procedure must be carried out to a high standard. Correct graft management and placement into the recipient sites. Secondly, post-operative care is adhered to.

For the new hair to be placed an open wound needs to be created in the recipient area. This placed hair takes approximately one week to properly bed into the skin tissue and cardiovascular system. During the first-week care needs to be taken when touching and shampooing the recipient area. Over the first month, it is normal for the hair to grow before falling out. Besides a little redness to the skin, there are often no visible signs of the hair transplant. It is common for 80% of the placed hair to initially fall.

The hair follicles then rest for 3 to 4 months before the growth starts. It is considered normal at this stage to have between 15-30% hair growth. This increases to approximately 40-50% growth at 6 months. At 9-15 months the remaining growth becomes visible. It can take a year or more sometimes for the full growth to mature and the true result is fully appreciated. Throughout the growth phase the hair quality and calibre changes. With every growth cycle the hair improves before finally realising the full quality of the original hair characteristics.

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