Question: Is There A Difference In FUT and FUE Recovery?


Question: Is There A Difference In FUT and FUE Recovery?

FUT and FUE are the most successful hair transplant techniques. The main difference between the techniques is the method of graft harvesting. Is there a difference between FUT and FUE in recovery? After you have undergone your hair transplant, what to expect.

Follicular Unit Transplant / FUT is the longest established hair transplant technique. The harvesting removes a thin hearing bearing strip. This can measure around the back and sides of the head. The size of the donor zone is measured by a number of factors. For example, the donor hair density, the graft numbers required and the skin laxity.

FUT requires surgical skills to perform. The closure especially requires surgical expertise. An inner and outer suture is used to close the donor zone. The area remains slightly tight for several weeks. As well as red until the skin complexion returns to normal. Any stretching or exercise that affects the donor zone should be avoided. Depending on the size of the procedure this may be from 4-12 weeks. Over time, if required, further FUT can be performed. Skilled donor management allows for the one strip scar to remain.

Follicular Unit Extraction / FUE is a blind extraction technique. As a result, it is impossible to see below the skin surface when extracting the hair follicles. The FUE safe donor zone is first measured from both sides and back of the head. This is to ensure only genetically strong hair follicles are removed. The follicular unit density is calculated per cm2.

The hair follicles are extracted by a surgical punch tool. This occurs in a random pattern around the sides and back of the head. The punch creates a circular wound before closing. The wound marks superficially heal over the first 2 weeks. Resulting in small white dot scarring.

Donor management is important for both hair transplant techniques. The correct extraction should leave minimal changes to the donor area.

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