Question: What is dense packing?


Question: What is dense packing?


Dense packing is a great skill. Being able to successfully place the follicular units close together without compromising the growth of each hair. As well as not compromising the skin quality or causing any visible scarring. The angle of the site and the size of the gauge used will all affect the result. The ability to dense pack can make the difference between an average and great hair transplant result. A surgical ability and understanding of skin and anatomy is an important skill in performing dense packing to a safe and high standard.

Dense-packing is used for both hair transplant techniques. Both the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. This is the art of placing the follicular units close enough together. As a result, this ensures a natural result/density in one pass. For example, the design of the hairline not having large gaps between each hair. Resulting in an unnatural look and having to place in between at a later date. The number of follicular units placed will alter dependent on certain factors. Hair characteristics, hair shaft quality, ethnic origin, hair colour, curl, and your existing hair density.

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