Does Your Hair Transplant Meet Your Expectations?


Does Your Hair Transplant Meet Your Expectations?

Having the ability to restore something genetics has deprived us of can restore our own feel-good factor. Generally, men or women try to look our best. Feel good about ourselves and like to convey a youthful appearance to others. Surgical hair restoration has made huge improvements. Especially medically and artistically. So, will a hair transplant meet your expectations?

Expectations are often very personal. There is no problem having high expectation as long as they are achievable. If they are not better to not undergo a hair transplant in the first place.

Managing Expectations

Having a good appreciation of a hair transplant technique is important. Being flexible and understand your expectations may have to be diluted a little. Or, a lot to what is realistically achievable. This is an important aspect of making a happy hair transplant patient. One who understands the procedure will ultimately be happier and have no regrets with the final result. Those who do not understand can find themselves being unhappy long-term. Especially when their initial goals cannot be met. This can be for a number of reasons. Not listening to the education and advice on offer. Or, they did not receive the information in the first place.

Making A Little Hair Go Along Way

A large aspect of a hair transplant is making a relatively small amount of hair go along way. It takes time and patience and a lot of skill by the Dr and their technicians. If we had to place like for like this would make almost any hair restoration impossible. There is an art to giving the illusion of fullness from a minimal number of hairs when treating minor to an advanced area of hair loss.

The better your hair characteristics the greater help in creating the illusion of a natural looking hair density and coverage. Ideal hair characteristics include a thick hair shaft, curly or wavy hair, a lax scalp and low contrast between your skin complexion and your hair colour. All these aspects carry an important role for the Doctor when planning your hair transplant.

Do Your Own Research

Preparing for your hair restoration starts with researching. Get to understand the basics of the treatments and surgical hair transplant techniques. It is important that the decision you make, either to proceed or not make it with clear judgement.

Even if a third party review is from the heart is no relevance to your happiness. Your standards and expectations may be very different.

With any hair restoration, there needs to be an open dialogue between doctor and patient. As a result, both understand and agree on the goals and expectations. Crucially, the patient is aware that limitations can apply to what can be achieved. Before dealing with expectations the first task is whether you are a good or bad candidate for surgical hair restoration.

What To Look At First

There are personal and medical factors that can determine whether you are a good hair restoration candidate. Some may be subjective and partly determined by the Clinic ethos on hair restoration.

What is your current age and at what age did you begin to lose your hair?

What is your family´s hair loss history, maternal and paternally?

Have you addressed your hair loss, tried various hair treatments, if so how effective?

Have you any medical conditions or taking medications?

What  are  your  goals and expectations?

These are the first considerations a Doctor will look at to determine whether hair restoration may be an option. Part of this process is to look into the future. Assess whether the goals set out today will work in the future. As we have the potential for hair loss in the future. What is possible today may not be suitable in the future.

All Hair Transplants Are Not The Same

Assuming your expectations are realistic and technically achievable there is no reason to compromise. Standards and protocols may differ from Clinic to Clinic. Set your expectations against the Clinic you are talking to. Never assume every Clinic has the same standards, protocols and expertise. Never set your benchmark against the best and assume others will attain this standard. The general principles of a hair transplant are relatively simple. But, the protocols and standards in place will deliver the highest standard of hair transplant results.

Technical expertise can vary and this will impact the quality of your hair transplant result. Important considerations affected by protocols and expertise are the hair density placed, donor hair management and future planning protocols.

Often, when making a high-end purchase we will look at the cost and way up the pros and cons between a lesser cost, but similar product or service. Occasionally trying to justify the difference in our mind is of no consequence. That the service can´t be that different or really matter. The reality though is there is a difference. The difference is that innate expertise in performing the service and the end result.

Be Aware Of The Choice You Make

Recent years have seen a rise in low-cost hair transplant Clinics. One cost for all, fixed rate, package deal style offers. There has also been a rise in the number of grafts in one session achieved by these low-cost Clinics. For the hair loss sufferer, they are now getting more for their money, and at a much-reduced cost than ever before.

These “hair-mills” work on the basis of low-cost and high turnover of clients, often treating 10-20 individuals per day. Often overseen by one medical practitioner or Doctor. With your actual hair transplant procedure being carried out by a low-cost workforce.

Possibly the lower cost is enough to persuade you. As long as the result looks good enough is sufficient. Potential long-term problems you are willing to cross-fingers and overlook. The low hair density or hair orientation result you are happy to camouflage with a little careful hair styling or concealer products. That said, maybe you are not willing to make these or other sacrifices to save a buck.

Reduce The Risk Of Being Disappointed

With something as personal as hair loss don´t rely on others to make your decision. Testimonials and online star reviews may be fine for a restaurant choice but a hair transplant can carry much greater consequences. Create a list of the priorities you expect to be achieved from your hair restoration. Research and then contact a number of Clinics you feel may be able to meet your expectations. Through your consultation process, you can tick off when they have confirmed they can meet your expectations. Understand how they can meet your expectations will help you appreciate the process and be happy with your hair transplant result. Be specific to expect a specific reply. “Will it look natural” is open to an individual´s expectations..

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