Hair Transplant Reviews - Real or Fake


Hair Transplant Reviews – Real or Fake

Life today is busy and attention spans appear to be reducing. This will certainly hamper researching. It is not always simple and convenient to spend your time cross-checking information. That´s when hair transplant reviews make life easier. But how to know if they are real or fake?

With many things in life, there are degrees of quality and standards. We can choose the importance and value we put on something. With hair restoration or any aesthetic treatment, there should be no compromise.

The Power Of Online Reviews

Relying on total anonymous strangers to help you make the decision may not always be the smartest move. That said, in research, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. With stats like this the practise of online reviews is obviously very powerful.

Can Results Be Manipulated?

FORBES magazine ran an article on bogus product reviews are an epidemic. According to Saoud Khalifah, founder and CEO of Fakespot, a site that ferrets out fake reviews. Khalifah says many product reviews are not real — and he has the data to prove it. “Companies constantly plant positive reviews of their own products and sully competitors’ products with negative reviews,” he says. As a result, many of the ratings you read online aren’t credible. For example, up to 70 percent of the reviews on Amazon are not real, he says.

“It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled’?” commonly attributed to Mark Twain

Business is business right? A competitive market a Clinic needs all the help they can get. Friends and family reviews, maybe employees creating reviews to bump up the numbers. Or, even to drown out negative reviews received. It has come to be part of marketing and almost considered a norm that it happens and to be expected today.

Google Position and Reviews

Besides the obvious benefits of people writing nice things about your product or service, an online review has a less known major benefit.
Reviews—good or bad—can determine the sequence in which a company appears on a webpage in search query results. Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility to your website from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts. Google and other search engines have long relied on reviews to determine rank on a page. Paid reviews are effective because each review will presumably stay on the web as long as that website exists. For an advertiser, that’s very good. The popularity of online review sites means they are increasingly relied on by both businesses and their customers, with the UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority estimating that such reviews potentially influence £23 billion of UK customer spending every year. Taken from

Hard to Resists Positives Reviews

When you are bombarded with positives and how only good things can come of this it can be hard. Even for a person trying to be overly rational, it is hard not to get sucked in. It can be persuasive and intoxicating at a time your judgement may not be quite at its best. With only a handful of poor reviews amongst the many positives, it´s easy to write off the negatives as just over demanding people. I mean, only people wanting to complain write reviews, right?

Social Media Hair Loss

Internet/Social Media, love or hate it. Hair loss platforms, often member only sites. You can surround yourself with like-minded individuals. All validating each other’s belief. Welcoming newbies into a safe world of fellow hair loss suffers. Some known to be run by medical tourism sites.

The cost of a hair transplant is not insignificant. Being able to recoup or totally repay the cost could be a way of justifying or actually financing the entire hair transplant. Patients have been offered up to €100 per person they introduce to a clinic. For a few minutes in a day writing a review on a hair loss platform can bring a healthy return. This works well for the Clinic as what better review than a happy “independent” client. Except are you really independent if you receive an inducement to create the review?

That said, many people on these platforms are genuinely there for the good of others. Unfortunately, it is recognised that some platforms are operating more as a marketing site opposed to a genuine consumer help platform they are designs to look like.

Hair loss is personal. Going public is not traditionally the normal thing to do. By far the vast majority of hair restoration patients never discuss their treatment, certainly not publicity and certainly not with their real identity. There has been a new uprise in individuals willing to go public with their experience. This does not fit the normal social characteristics that have existed. A social conscious to help others has not just been born.

We Can All Spot A Fake Sometimes

While three quarters of UK adults use online review half of those believe they have seen fake reviews, according to a survey of 1500 UK residents conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and shared with BBC 5 live Investigates. Responding to adverts posted on eBay, the BBC was also able to purchase a false 5-star review on Trustpilot, an online review website that describes itself as “committed to being the most trusted online review community on the market”.

A Novel Approach To Researching

Third party, unknown experiences and anecdotes can be an aspect of your hair restoration research. They may help to build up a profile of the Clinic and staff. This will take a lot of time to read through many reviews and stories. Not only looking at the star review numbers, that´s not researching.

It is your head and your life so do not put your happiness in the hands of someone else’s experience just because they said it was good. If you can meet the individual, see their result in person. They may be genuinely happy but maybe you expected more. Images online can be played with very easily today. Even if not the case, lighting can simply change the look to make a result look better, or worse than reality.

So many aspects of life today are built around now. Everything is wanted and expected now. No waiting, answers at our figure tips.

Do not assume the highest standards and protocols are met by everyone. Health and happiness are somethings we often take for granted. That is until we have a problem. Take your time to do your own research. Do not rely on others to do it for you. Even if a review is honest and from the heart is no relevance to your happiness. Your standards may be much higher than others.

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