Low-Cost Hair Transplant Expectations


Low-Cost Hair Transplant Expectations

For many men and women, the cost of a hair transplant is high on the check-list of concerns when considering their options. Our feelings of a high or low-cost hair transplant may differ depending on our expectations.

Surgical Hair Restoration

A hair transplant historically has always been on the higher scale of hair restoration options. The premise of a hair transplant is simple. The redistribution of genetically strong hair from an area called the “donor site” and placing this hair to an area of hair loss, known as the “recipient area”. Performed under local anaesthetic with no need for an overnight stay.

The two recognised hair transplant techniques used today. The Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. The latter being the most popular and commonly used technique of the two. There are many technical aspects to both techniques to achieve the best long-term result. These include, surgical skills, understanding of skin and hair anatomy, understanding bone structure and designing and planning the harvesting and distribution of the hair.

Technical Protocols Of A Hair Transplant

There are good hair transplant and then great hair transplant results. Unfortunately, there are also bad hair transplant results. The hair may grow but that does not constitute a good result. Hair growth is the minimum requirement from a hair transplant procedure.

A hair transplant performed to the highest standard will need to uphold strict protocols of planning and performance. Without maintaining high standards and protocols key elements of a hair transplant can become issues of poor quality. Either at the time or long-term.

Hairline Placement & Design

  • Low inappropriate hairline designs with no consideration of future progressive thinning and creating a balanced hair coverage. A one design suits all template opposed to taking into consideration facial bone structure.

Donor Harvesting Protocols

  • The excessive removal of hair from the donor area. Performed to achieve high graft numbers in one procedure. As a result, causing permanent damage to the remaining hairs. Often only discovered as hair loss progresses.

Hair Density

  • Lower than needed hair density placed requiring the constant use of products and concealers to mask the thinness of the result. Or needing more work between the existing hair, not ideal.

Hair Angle and Orientation

  • Unnaturally placed hairs that do not sit correctly and appear man-made and cosmetically unnatural. Restricting hair styles and the length of hair you can have. Not a simple repair, if possible.


  • Occurring in both donor and recipient due to over-harvesting and poor techniques and or instruments. Often having a limited or no certified understanding of the skin and hair characteristics. Impairing future work to repair the existing hair transplant or to treat progressive hair loss

All these technical points are controllable by the individual performing the hair transplant. Therefore, a hair transplant result is only as good as those that perform the procedure.

Low Cost And High Turnover

Lesser skilled individuals are obviously cheaper to employ and easier to find. Especially compared to highly trained professionals with specialised skills.

The mass use of low-cost labour allows a Clinic to perform many procedures in a single day. Simultaneously, at a fraction of the cost. Commonly known as “hair-mills”, they have a high turnover of clients daily. Treating 10 to 20 hair loss sufferers per day. The attraction is a cost-effective, all-inclusive holiday style package. Fixed costs, one price for all have become popular in recent years. They are often convenient to book and inexpensive compared to the bespoke Clinics. The latter operate on maybe one or maximum two patients per day.

Compare Like For Like Products

Although the basic principles of a hair transplant are standard. The art of creating the most natural results is unique and not the same. It is unfair to compare like for like Clinic unless they offer a like for like service and product. It is important to compare the standards and the technical ability of the Clinic to set your expectations accordingly.

The Adage: “You Get What You Pay For”

What are you paying for, what is important? Ultimately, the result meets your expectations. But expectations can be relative. Do you have lower expectations based on the costs or do you expect the same technical standards regardless of the cost?

The best are often in the minority, making them more exclusive. Often the price is slightly more than hoped and the waiting list longer than you wished. Patients carry high expectations from this type of Clinic. They hold strict protocols of technical standards and care. The level of ethics they hold along with the superior protocols is why they are chosen.

Is it realistic to have the same expectation to detail and protocols of a Clinic performing 10 times the number of hair transplants per day? Therefore, you may get what you pay for, but are you paying for and what is important?

Research, Research, Research

Before deciding to undergo any medical procedure including a hair transplant it is advisable to research. Become educated on the subject. Understand your options and extend your knowledge base with a free, no obligatiion consultation.

So much of life today is built around now. Everything is wanted and expected now. The convenience of having what we want, when we want. With the minimum of fuss and inconvience. It is easy to become overconfident and blind to common-sense. A question before you decide on any elective surgical procedure – Would you be willing to lower your expectations if it saved you money? If the answer is yes. Then, is it really that important to you in the first place?

Assuming you are technically a good hair transplant candidate ensure your goals and expectations can be met. This can often be defined by two issues. Firstly, your expectations are technically possible to achieve. Secondly, the Doctor can perform the surgical technique to a standard to complement your expectations.

Your Price Of Happiness

On something as important as a cosmetic medical procedure you need to ensure you understand how and why the cost differences are possible.

Our health and happiness are somethings we often take for granted until we have a problem. The best Clinics have the highest standards of protocols. This is largely possible because of the personal service, attention to detail and the innate skills and expertise in performing the hair transplant.

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