True or False About Your Hair And Hair Transplants

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True or False About Your Hair And Hair Transplants

Whether you have just started your interest and research into hair loss or hair restoration. Or maybe further down the line.  Here is a condensed list of frequently asked questions submitted to our website. We hope they help you with your research.  Most common questions we have been asked, also available a glossary of words and phrases related to hair loss.

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The Higher Levels of Testosterone The More Hair Loss

It is not testosterone as such that causes hair loss in men or women. But the fusion of the male hormone and an active enzyme that forms Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Genetic hair loss is triggered by the male or female pattern baldness gene. That affects the individual´s hair follicles over the scalp. Not as such an increased or high level of testosterone.

Too Much Shampooing Causes Hair Loss 

Totally untrue. Washing your hair daily, weekly or monthly is not going to change hair loss. We commonly can shed 150 hairs per day.  This is obviously more obvious when we touch our hair, washing, brushing etc.

Hat and Cap Wearing causes Hair Loss
It´s commonly thought and given as a reason for hair loss. That wearing a hat or cap for long periods of time is a cause. To date, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that is the case.

Hair Loss Treatments Don´t Work

The are three FDA approved hair loss treatments that help with genetic hair loss. Male and female pattern hair loss. Hair loss causes may respond to different hair loss treatments and therapies. On the right candidate can help to stabilise hair loss and stimulate stronger healthier hair growth again.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Comes From The Mum´s Side

Untrue, the male pattern baldness gene is carried by both sides of the family. Maternal and paternal and can be passed down accordingly to future generations.

A Hair Transplant Cures Hair Loss

Untrue, a hair transplant simply moves genetically strong hair to an area of hair loss. Hair loss is progressive and will continue with or without a hair transplant being performed. Planning your hair restoration is an important factor in your long-term happiness.

Hair Grows Back After A Hair Transplant

The premise of a hair transplant is the redistribution of genetically strong hair. From an area called the “donor site” and placing this hair to an area of hair loss, known as the “recipient area”. Once the hair is removed it is gone from the donor area. It does not grow back ever. as a ressult, there is a limited supply.

The FUE Hair Transplant Technique Is Better Than FUT

Each hair transplant technique has pros and cons to them and one may be better suited to a hair loss stage or hair characteristics over the other. It is not as simple to say one is better than the other as they are both recognised hair transplant options. It is important to understand both the Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction techniques before just deciding because one seems to be better than the other.

Hair Transplants Don´t Leave Scars

A scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound has healed, every wound will leave a scar, every punch made into the skin will leave a scar, the size of the scar can depend on the punch and technique and skin characteristics. Regardless of the hair transplant technique, FUT or FUE, or any variant of these names that is a medical, and surgical procedure will leave a scar.

I Only Need One Hair Transplant

As hair loss is progressive planning is important to ensure any future hair loss can be treated and maintain a natural looking head of hair is achieved. Aspects such as age and hair loss stage have to be taken into account but it is likely the average man will require at least two hair transplants over their lifetime.

For most of us we take our hair for granted, wake up, wash, comb and style our hair and into our daily routine. Maybe when we start to see a change in our hair, for good or bad we start to pay more attention to these thin strands that make us look and feel younger and give us options how we look and present ourselves to others.

An online consultation is a good place to start. Do your research and homework, ask questions and any amazing claims ask for proof to back them up. Talk to multiple Clinics to get various opinions and cross check any claims that are different.

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