Why NOT Choose A FUT Hair Transplant


Why NOT Choose A FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplanting separates the natural groups of hairs. From 1-4 hairs in each group. As a result, enables the groups to be utilised in the optimum place in the recipient zone. The technicians are careful to avoid injury to the hair follicles. During the dissection process and trimming of the follicles. This will be performed microscopes to ensure the clean cutting and survival of the grafts.

The decision on the hair transplant technique is by design rather than a fashion statement. Some are better suited to one over the other. Others are able to use either the FUE technique or FUT. Without any compromise to their look or result.

Known by a number of names and terms. Follicular Unit Transplant, FUT, Strip Surgery or Tira. The safe strip zone will be measured, length and width. Dependent on the graft numbers required, the number of follicular units can range from a few hundred to thousands of grafts.

Are there reasons to choose FUT?
  • FUT shaving is minimal and easily hidden under a little hair length
  • Makes little to no changes to the hair density in the donor
  • Can be performed multiple times and leave only the one linear scar
  • Will generally allow for more grafts to be removed over time
  • A one-day procedure
FUT shaving is minimal and easily hidden under a little hair length

There is an optimum area for the FUT procedure to remove the hair follicles from. A line approximately in the middle of the head around the back and sides of the scalp. This area is known as the donor area. The occipital bone can be felt at the back of the head. It slightly protrudes when you run your finger down the back of your head. The size of the line depends on the number of grafts required. This line needs to be shaved. With a little hair length of the surrounding hair, the line is easily hidden while healing.  So cosmetically not visible. This can benefit those that wish to have the least change to their appearance after their hair transplant.

Makes little to no changes to the hair density in the donor

FUT removes a high density of hair in a small concentrated area. Once each side is brought together and closed. It leaves a fine linear scar. With little to no change in hair density to the surrounding hair. Or, overall around the sides and back. As the surrounding hair density is not affected. If hair loss progresses it allows the candidate to use the FUE at a later date.

Can be performed multiple times and leave only the one linear scar

The concept of being able to perform FUT numerous times and only leave the one linear scar sometimes confuses. It requires exceptional surgical skills from the Doctor. This is possible because the skin is very pliable. The area can be stretched without causing any concern to the healing. On the right candidate. As long as this is performed within safe limitations it is possible to perform multiple FUT procedures. Still only leaving the one line that can heal well.

Will generally allow for more grafts to be removed over time

On the average hair transplant candidate, it is commonly regarded that more hair can be safely removed with the FUT technique compared to FUE. By experts that perform both hair transplant techniques. This is largely due to the extraction of hair in a concentrated high-density zone. As this can be repeated multiple times in the same area it can yield a higher number of grafts. With planning and surgical skills, the suture line can remain thin to maintain the quality of the hair transplant result.

A one-day procedure

FUT requires a relatively large medical team supporting the Doctor. Dependent on the size of the procedure it can require the Doctor plus 5 or 6 experienced technicians. If the procedure is large, 4000 plus grafts. The grafts first removed from the donor. In one strip and then divided into the individual groups. It is labour intensive to perform but it does allow for the safe removal of the grafts. Checking and placement of a large number of grafts in a one-day procedure. The checking of the grafts under magnification ensures the quality of every hair follicle before placement. The entire process is performed with military precision. With every team member having specific duties to perform throughout the day. To ensure the quality of the work and well-being of the patient.

Choose carefully

It should be understood that not all hair transplant procedures are the same. Care should be taken to ensure you understand the consequences of being on the wrong side of a poorly performed hair transplant. Not only the growth or the look but also the damage caused to your remaining hair and skin. A hair transplant, when performed to high quality, is a technically skilled surgical procedure. That requires medical and artistic skills learned over the years. To ensure the required care and attention is given to achieving the best result. If you are interested in a free, no-obligation consultation or simply more information of the FUT or hair transplants in general CLICK.

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