Where To Get A Good Hair Transplant


Where To Get A Good Hair Transplant

Where you go, in terms of the location, is far less important than the quality of the Clinic and Doctor that will perform your hair transplant. If you are fortunate to have a high-quality surgical hair restoration Clinic close by then lucky you, but even then do your research as you may find they do not always meet your needs, regardless of their standards.

The internet has made it simple for a Clinic anywhere in the world to target the consumer with offers that appear too good to be true and substantially reduced costs compared to the highly regulated West and European Union.

Most cosmetic surgery is undergone because the individual wants to improve an aspect of their appearance, in this case, remove the look of a receding hairline or thinning on top by covering with genetically strong hair and a hair transplant procedure.

Dr. Artur Kierach, an FUE Specialist with Hair Restoration Europe commented “You are not buying a like for like product off the shelf, if it is not performed to the highest standard it can result in negative effects over your lifetime, and sometimes that cannot be reversed or repaired. I cannot express strongly enough to research before making your decision and never fall into the trap of believing the hype over common sense”

Surgical hair restoration is a specialist treatment that the top Doctors take years improving their skills and dedicate themselves to surgical hair restoration. The focus is on the quality of medical standards and aesthetic beauty and not on speed, patient numbers or one results fits all, as a hair transplant is considered to be a very individual treatment due to the many variants from person to person.

A hair transplant, the FUE hair transplant technique especially, is a simple cosmetic treatment

A hair transplant is a medical procedure that requires surgical skills to be able to perform to the highest level. A technical understanding of the makeup of the skin and hair to ensure when hair is removed the minimum changes are made to the scalp and hair to maintain the best quality possible, basically, minimal scarring or damage to the hair and skin.

Artistically, a hairline needs to be designed to frame the face well whilst planning for future hair loss. Then, the hairs need to be placed in the surgically made slits or recipient sites that are created mimic the natural angle of hair growth, following the correct angles, depth, and orientation of the surrounding hair.

A skilled and dedicated hair transplant Doctor will look at a number of aspects before deciding whether an individual is a good hair transplant candidate. Be prepared to make concessions in your goals and expectations as it is normal what you may want is simply either not possible medically/technically or if it is, it is against your best interests cosmetically and your long-term well-being.

Finding the holy grail of hair transplants

You do a quick search through the inter-web and start to see two very different approaches to surgical hair restoration.

There are those Clinics that almost put you off, they make restrictions on who is a good candidate and how they perform a hair transplant. Rather than making having a hair transplant simple they put up barriers that make it hard to hide or fit around your busy lifestyle.

There are those Clinics that nothing is a problem, the technique is possibly explained in a simple non-medical manner to keep it easy to understand and play down and fears that it may require acute medical and surgical skills to be performed to the highest level. Any concerns that may contradict research are rebutted, there can always be a technical answer, having special treatments or instruments or know-how to get around these concerns and you should not worry.

Doctor Input

A hair transplant Doctor should have the major role in your hair transplant from the moment of your consultation to the final graft being placed. They should be making the decisions and personally involved in specific aspects of the medical procedure. The medical understanding of the skin and hair will ensure the hair is harvested from the donor hair successfully, without damage being caused to the removed graft or the surrounding hair and skin. The graft placement and hairline design are crucial for the look and planning of the hair transplant.


The FUE technique has grown to be the most desired technique, partly due to some dubious marketing tactics, although in the correct hands it is an excellent surgical procedure. The problem for some time, it was normal for FUE only to perform smallish procedures in respect to graft numbers, this was because it was safe and best for donor hair management. It is common now to hear of FUE transplants of 4, 5000 and even high numbers being performed without regard to the consequences to the remaining hair and skin. Nothing has changed in respect to the skin surface or the hair follicles or the common sense maths that only so much can be removed safely, regardless how it is taken.


The FUT hair transplant technique has been given a bad rap by some for bad scarring across the board and how you are more likely to be badly scarred than receive a fine thin scar line which is actually more common, especially when performed by a quality Doctor who understands the skin healing properties. The irony is a large FUE procedure can easily cause more scarring than a similar size FUT procedure, the difference, FUE spreads the scarring randomly around your head so less obvious compared to a line. With Follicular Unit Extraction hair is removed from the donor area, they do not regrow and the more removed the less remains so the hair density reduces. If the amount is reduced too much the area will become patchy and visible unnatural looking in terms of hair density. The number varies depending on the starting hair density and hair characteristics but often anymore than 4500 – 5000 taken over multiple procedures will start to be detrimental and if removed in one procedure will almost certainly create long-term concerns.

How Many Transplants in a day

This also concerns the role of the Doctor s a person can only spread themselves so thin if they have serious responsibilities to each patient they treat. If they are not responsible personally or have a limited role to play for each patient then this is not a concern and they can oversee maybe ten hair transplants in a day. The actual work can be carried out by often, unskilled staff, less expensive compared to a Doctor and can be employed en-mass to perform multiple hair transplants per day. The concept was first adopted by the Ford motor company to build multiple cars at the same time and has obviously evolved in almost all aspects of mass manufacturing from foods to electrical goods. But not something you would necessarily wish to be treated like for something as important as your health and look.


Sensible hairlines, donor management, goals, and expectations checked, hair characteristics taken into account. These are not exciting topics about a hair transplant procedure but they are very important to the short and long-term result and your well-being and happiness. Planning is necessary to ensure your hair transplant looks natural today and in 20 years time and as your hair loss progresses because male pattern baldness will continue, your Doctor has taken this into consideration when they performed your first hair transplant procedure.

Creating low, adolescent hairlines may give short-term satisfaction but when hair restoration cannot be sustained the hairline will look unnaturally low and aggressive. Planning will ensure progressive hair loss can be treated with future hair transplants and or treatment combined rather than the donor area being used within one procedure leaving little to occasionally no options when required.

So, where to get a hair transplant, the answer is simple but requires you to research and take your time until you find the right Doctor and Clinic. The answer is the one that best looks after your hair and your well-being with the emphasis on your well-being opposed to the cost, regardless of whether the cost is high or low-cost. Take advantage of online consultations and question the information you are being given, especially when it appears to contradict other Clinics information.

Importantly, on such an important decision do not allow your heart of hair emotions rule your common sense, and if the deal sounds almost too good to be true, it´s probably because it is.








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