How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker


How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Do you remember the day you styled your hair and it didn´t look as thick as normal? Or, maybe your hairline had thinned and receded to expose the scar on your forehead that had always been hidden.

Hair loss has started. Although it may only be noticeable to you that doesn´t stop you from thinking of ways to camouflage or hide any changes you see. From the crown starting to see scalp through your hair. To slightly changing the position of your parting to cover some thinning areas.

You have looked into hair loss treatments but not a big believer. So you start to think of other ways to hide the hair loss. Before committing to the inevitable conclusion a hair loss treatment may well be required. Potentially a hair transplant is the only way to go in the future.

There are the two extremes from the get-go. Shaving your remaining hair off or hiding it under a baseball cap. If you don´t really want to take either of those options what else is available? Many celebrities use hair products when working. To make themselves appear to have a much fuller head of hair than reality. Especially those in public. Often rely on a youthful look for their careers.

Your hairstyle

Changing your hairstyle can help to give your hair a fuller look. The length of your hair can balance out the style. Make a more even coverage of hair look fuller. By blunting the ends of your hair will make them appear thicker, for example. Or by leaving your hair longer in areas to help disguise trouble spots.

Hair colour change

One reason hair loss is more obvious is being able to see the contrast between your skin complexion and your hair colour. Especially if you have a large contrast. Pale skin dark hair or visa versa. Think of changing your hair colour to reduce the contrast between the two areas.


There are a few different types of concealer products. From a cream that covers the scalp to the more popular fibres that stick to the hair shafts. These products use statically charged fibres. You sprinkle over your hair to make it look thicker. Most of them come in a few different shades to match your colour. Used with fixing sprays so they don´t run in wet weather.

Treatment can be the answer

It´s not so much that any of the above are bad ideas but they are generally short term as they all revolve around needing hair in the first place to work. Male pattern baldness is generally slow but it is progressive, especially when it starts at a young age in your early 20´s.

There are three FDA approved hair loss treatments, they cannot promise to lower hairlines or fill in open crowns but they can stabilise your hair growth and help to improve the regrowth quality of your hair. Take professional advice before using any treatment as there can be side effects that are important to understand.

A hair transplant is not a cure for hair loss and not everyone is a good candidate for this surgical option but if you are then it can replace lost hair, lower hairlines and turn the clock back years on some.

There are two recognised hair transplant techniques available today, Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant, they both use the natural grouping of hairs called follicular units and place them over the areas of hair loss. A hair transplant works because all men keep a band of hair around the back and sides of our head, in medical fields called the donor area. This hair is not affected by the male pattern baldness gene and so some of it can be removed to rebuild areas of hair loss over the top of the head, the recipient area.

A hair transplant is a highly skilled procedure and you need to choose your Doctor and Clinic carefully to ensure they understand how it needs to be performed to the highest medical and artistic levels. When performed to the highest standard a hair transplant can be undetectable to natural hair growth but if not can leave visible scarring and poorly designed hairlines. Research multiple Clinics and ask many questions before considering a hair transplant.

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