Difference Between Beard and Scalp Hair


Difference Between Beard and Scalp Hair

What have beard and scalp hair got in common if anything? They grow so close to each other they are probably basically the same. Unlike skin and nails hair characteristic change. Depending on the area of the body it grows.

Hair grows in cycles. With three separate steps. Facial hair has a much shorter growth phase compared to scalp hair. On the scalp, this cycle lasts for years; on the face, it is a matter of months.

Androgenic hair growth is dependent on the male hormone testosterone. Male pattern baldness the genetic hair loss condition in men is understood to be caused by a by-product of testosterone. This triggers the baldness gene. Ironically, this same process can stimulate healthy and strong hair growth of the beard and body.

Beard hair tends to be thicker than scalp hair, coarser in hair characteristics and often wiry in comparison.

The scalp hair can be straight or with only a slight wave. But the beard hair grows thicker and curly. This is due to the shape of the follicle in the skin.

It is possible for the scalp hair to remain the original hair colour whilst the beard can turn grey.

Beard hair groupings also differ

Hairs grow in groups known as follicular units. On the scalp, the groups can vary from one to four hairs. With the larger groupings found around the back of the head. The beard grows in mainly single hairs with the odd two hair follicular unit group.

Beard transplants are becoming more popular with men wishing to give either more definition to the shape of their beard or simply add volume and fullness. Scalp hair is added to the existing beard and over a period of healing and growth matures to fill out the new look beard. Due to the differences with the two sets of hairs the beard needs to be groomed to maintain a balanced even look.

Beard hair has also be used over the top of the scalp and to repair unsightly scarring within the existing hair growth. It is important a match is maintained between the two hair types otherwise they will not blend and result in an unnatural pattern of hair growth.

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