Tricks to Get A Good Hair Transplant


Tricks to Get A Good Hair Transplant

For many losing their hair can be distressing. As well as have a negative effect on how they go through life. For others it´s a sign of aging, looking like their fathers. Simply one of those things we would rather not happen.  Given the choice.

For almost two generations hair transplants has been available. But with varying degrees of success. Especially how natural they look. Also, how well they were performed.

In the earlier days, this was largely the problem of the techniques being used. Never produced the look of natural hair growth. Resulting in either clumpy or pluggy appearance of hair growth. Often also creating bad scarring. Today the techniques have improved immensely. To the point, natural hair groups can be transplanted. This ensures a natural hairline can be designed. And growth undetectable to even those close to you.

So, why don´t all hair transplant look natural and work out? 

Here are a few tips when researching. To help you narrow down your choice of a suitable hair transplant Doctor. That can perform your surgery to the highest medical and artistic standards. Resulting in your happiness today and long-term.


Flicking through a few websites or seeing posts over social media is not researching. Not enough for you to learn about a clinic and doctor. The average hair loss sufferer can take between six to twelve months researching. Before even narrowing down their choice to just a few Clinics. Sometimes even longer depending on age and hair loss stage. By taking your time you learn more about the hair loss process. How a hair replacement plan can work for you.

Be realistic

Unless you happen to be very reasonable and realistic. it is common to be told your expectations cannot be met. It is normal to have a compromise between expectations and what is realistically achievable.  This is very common, especially with the hairline design. If everything you ask for is granted without a problem then red flags should fly. It is very rare all expectations can be met.  Be prepared to listen to what is possible and realistic. It can make a difference with you understanding short and long-term planning. Enjoying a natural looking head of hair from your result.

Don´t Just have faith, check the facts

Check the statements that have been presented to you like facts, we take for granted that we are being told the truth but it is important to check. Websites are not regulated and it is simply for a Clinic to portray themselves as the largest, longest running, most experience, state of the art center, and if presented with these and more statements ask for them to be backed up with tangible facts that can be checked. The reply can be rather revealing.

The donor hair doesn´t grow back

A hair transplant relies on moving genetically strong hair from the back and sides of the head to areas of hair loss, once this hair is removed it´s gone, and does not grow back. This is a simple fact that plays an important role in how a hair transplant is planned. There are no special tricks that can be performed to change this fact.

Hair transplants are seamless and non-scarring

As with the above this is not debatable or can be changed, any hair transplant will scar the skin and any statement to try and contradict this or make someone believe it is not the case is simply incorrect at best.

A hair transplant is not that simple

Any medical procedure comes with consequences and some are not always good. Having a medical should be taken seriously and not played down, some would argue especially as it is elective surgery. Although hair transplant techniques have improved over time that does not always mean the competence of the individual performing the operation is of the highest standard. Unfortunately, many poor hair transplants are reported every year, from being left with bad scarring to poor hair growth to unnatural designs. Like in any business there are good and bad providers of services and having the title of a Doctor does not ensure quality, only that they are allowed to perform a hair transplant, regardless of experience, or skill.

Everyone else said no, so why can you do it and no one else can?

If you are not the best hair transplant candidate but so desperate to have a hair transplant you will find someone to perform one for you. If you visit ten Doctors and they all give you credible reasons why they would suggest against a hair transplant you will find the eleventh that says it is possible and totally rejects the reasons of the ten, often stating they have a different method, better skills.

Masters in the medical field generally charge according to their quality

cost should never be the guiding factor for deciding on a hair transplant, it has to be paid for of course but the quality of the work and experience and skill should always override the cost. As with many businesses the best at what they do command a certain status, in this case, Doctor and their technical staff. It does not mean they charge sky-high costs but relevant to the quality of work they perform, which can be researched and backed-up. Costs can fluctuate slightly from country to country of course but when it comes down to quality and standards Doctors will charge according to their work and reputation because they can. Cheap cosmetic surgery belittles the care that needs to be given to a surgical procedure and should be viewed with care and caution.

Team effort but what does the Doctor do?

A hair transplant does require everyone involved to perform their duties to the highest standard, if one aspect falls below the required standard it can affect the growth quality and the look of the hair transplant result. There are certain aspects that the doctor should be more than just involved in but actually control. This will vary depending on which technique is used, either FUT or FUE, and a reason why FUE is preferred by many clinics today as the Doctor can give up many responsibilities to often non-medical members of staff. Ask the Clinic or Doctor what role they play, what aspects of the procedure do they perform, how much of the day they spend in the surgery room with the patient.

These are not really tricks but when looked at mainly common sense and if hair loss was not as emotional for many men and woman it is likely there would be far less bad hair transplant results. Partly because we sometimes want to believe that something is possible, or a Doctor can never tell an untruth or perform a surgery at less than the highest quality. Take the time to check and double check, a few extra moments of decision is short compared to the lifetime you will live with the result, and hopefully, the result will be a good, natural looking head of hair.

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