The Largest FUE Hair Transplants

The Largest FUE Hair Transplants

Megasessions, Gigasessions are terms or phrases given to hair transplant procedures that are much larger than the average sessions carried out. Previously, it was used to explain large FUT – Follicular Unit Hair Transplant procedure of 3500-4000 plus grafts, but more recently the terms have been used for the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures.

FUE removes hair units, technically called follicular units, from around the back and sides of your head, they should be cleaned and check and then placed over the area of hair loss.

Traditionally, FUE has been a slow technique to perform largely due to the slow extraction process one by one by a manual hand-held punch. This process meant with experienced FUE specialists around 1500 Grafts could safely be removed in a one-day session and between 2500-3000 over two consecutive days.

It was always considered by experienced hair transplant Doctor and Clinics to cap the number of grafts removed in one procedure to around 2500-3000 grafts and this would be performed normally over a two-day procedure. The reasons were because of the number of open wounds would hamper the healing process in both the donor and recipient area and importantly, removing too many grafts in one procedure would mean over harvesting the area potentially leaving patchy hair growth, large hair-less areas, damaging the remaining hair and making future hair transplant unviable.

Regardless of what new techniques are used, the maths is the maths

More recently the graft numbers have increased massively, the donor hair can now give many more grafts than ever before at no detriment or consequences to the scalp, scarring or future hair growth or loss. True?

True, that the number of grafts has massively increased, false there is no negative consequence to this.

With FUE the donor surface never changes in surface area, it always remains the same size and dimensions around the back and sides of the head. All that changes is the amount of hair that is removed and how much remains. So, the more that is removed results in less remaining obviously.

What´s the problem anyway with large FUE sessions? I don´t care if the sides look patchy

As hair loss is progressive and on average a man will have at least two hair transplants over their lifetime planning is important to ensure a natural coverage can be achieved over time as you get older.

You may not care initially that the sides and back look a little thin or patchy, you may simply shave the remaining hair to zero. But this will expose the damage to the skin by being so aggressive with the removal of the hair. Regardless if this is a consideration it does not make for sensible and certainly not ethical hair restoration and would not be carried out by a practitioner.

When researching it is important to take the opinion of a variety of hair restoration Clinics to ensure you can build a plan and understand what is possible opposed to what is promised. A hair transplant online consultation is a good first step to seeking advice and being able to question the techniques offered by a clinic. Happy Researching!



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