FUE Hair Transplant Mega Sessions

FUE Hair Transplant Mega Sessions

More is always better…right? Getting the job done in one go rather than waiting around is preferred. If they say it can´t be done it´s because they don´t know how to do it.

Well, when dealing with any medical procedure there is the fact that that results will vary from person to person, that each procedure is different even if only slightly and there are many reasons why although technically something can be done there are good reasons why they should not be done, medically, ethically and cosmetically.

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique, commonly abbreviated as FUE has been available for well over a decade and widely used around the world by hair transplant specialists and other medical practitioners are drawn into offering FUE hair transplants as another string to their bow.

FUE began years ago with a degree of mistrust as to the quality of the technique, how safe it was to perform, how much hair growth could be achieved, and how slow and graft intensive it was to perform even small sessions.

How many FUE can be performed in a day procedure?

One aspect of FUE was always the slow extraction and preparation of the follicular units/grafts that impacted on the size of the procedures that could be offered. A decade plus ago it was common to hear that 1000 FUE in a single day was perfectly normal, then later 1500 grafts became a given standard to be performed in a single day. Assuming performed to a high standard the growth was as strong as the FUT technique and the donor was left with no obvious signs of lower hair density due to the educated pattern of removing the hairs in the first place.


FUE Megasessions – Over Harvesting the Donor Area

But, for the sake of argument let´s assume the time, as important as it is though, doesn´t matter in terms of how many can be removed, then the problem is solved.

Because FUE spreads the removal of hair all the way around the back and sides of the head 3, 4, or even 5000 hairs can be removed and no one will know, well maybe there may be small signs but nothing obvious and in the future, there is still more available.

If hair loss is obvious when 40% is lost on top how much can we take from the sides? 20- 30% … more? 

On the average hair density to remove around 5000 grafts would require removing almost 50% of the hair around the back and sides of the head. This would not only leave patchy hair growth, obvious scarring and damage to the remaining hairs it would leave no options in the future if and when genetic hair loss continued to progress.

Be careful what you wish for

Especially younger hair loss candidates are should be cautious about using so many grafts with the FUE hair transplant technique in one or even in multiple procedures if the donor hair characteristics will not sustain the need. You may achieve a satisfactory result initially but the problems will only start to become obvious a year or so later when further hair loss becomes obvious.

A hair transplant consultation should cover these and more points and if not ask why and how the specifics of a hair transplant will be performed if the numbers seem too good to be true.

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