The Cost Of Hair Loss And A Hair Transplant

The Cost Of Hair Loss And A Hair Transplant

The Cost Of Hair Loss And A Hair Transplant

No one likes wasting money. Or making a purchase that doesn´t meet our expectations. If you are thinking about starting a hair loss treatment. Or contemplating a permanent hair transplant. You need to understand the costs involved. Not only the financial cost but the cost of getting it right or wrong.

Generally, a man or a woman suffer hair loss for genetic reasons. Passed down through our genes from our mothers and fathers. Suffering from minor thinning to more advanced hair loss patterns. Although hair loss occurs in the majority of men and increasingly more women. Socially it is considered to be an unwelcome sign of ageing. It is seen as a flaw to be cured.

Having the ability to restore something genetics has deprived us of can restore our own feel-good factor. A more youthful appearance gives back the self- confidence and self-esteem. In research behavioural studies scientists studied the social influences hair loss can have. They indicated that having a good head of hair is linked to self-expression. In society, hair plays a part in how we conduct and express ourselves.

The social effects of hair loss and hair restoration

As a young man, for example, can have greater insecurities about how others see them, physically and intellectually. Any perceived defect in our makeup can affect how we interact with others, it is a very vulnerable time in our lives, and it is a time others can take advantage of this vulnerability, tell you they can mend all the problems, give you back your youth. It is a time when the male hormone testosterone is at its peak, the judgment making and decision process can be totally illogical and sometimes any amount of common sense reasoning goes unheeded and dismissed.

Young men can be huge risk takers and often completely blind to the potential consequences. No one belittles a younger man‟s reaction to hair loss, and their perceived premature aging or being less attractive to the opposite sex due to hair loss but it must be understood before undergoing any surgical procedure it is far from being a miracle and happiness is far from being guaranteed, short or long term.

So, if hair loss is seen as a flaw by society why are we not open to hair restoration treatments? A reason can be the fear that the restoration procedures don´t work and a waste of money or worse leave us open to ridicule later if they fail. Checking the internet there can be found stories of lotions and potions that deliver amazing results but at the same time stories how a hair treatment has ruined someone´s life.

The problem is we can sometimes be easily influenced especially when it is something like hair loss which can trigger strong emotions in us. So, rather than taking a step back and considering all the options, even the negative ones we think with the heart not the head and jump in without consequence.

The importance to research

With the hair restoration industry becoming larger year on year more and more companies offer surgical hair restoration as an add-on service to the other cosmetic treatments they provide. Being a specialist in a field as important as cosmetic surgery when the look and well-being of the individual is everything you deserve to ensure you are treated by experience in hair transplantation and the two techniques, Follicular Unit Extraction, (FUE) and FUT, Follicular Unit Transplant.

When possible have a personal consultation with multiple doctors, have your donor density examined, the quality of your hair, your hairline designed if needed and all the technical aspects.

If you cannot personally visit the clinic then have an online consultation, this can answer many questions, how effective they are at answering your questions, how much information they offer you freely, and is the opinion of the doctor or simply an agent. It is the doctor who has the responsibility and will perform your operation and the person who ultimately you will turn to for advice if required.

A hair transplant is an elective surgery, so you should feel free to ask questions and see how they are answered. The more questions you can ask the better informed you will become and you will be able to gauge the openness of the clinic. Questions are important and will allow you to see whether you agree with the doctor‟s ethics and approach to a hair transplant. You need to then compare the approaches from different doctors and decide who you feel has the correct approach for you, who has your best interests and who can deliver the results.

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