True or False, Hair Loss Can Be Reversed

Hair Loss Can Be Reversed

True or False, Hair Loss Can Be Reversed

The most common form of hair loss is genetic and can affect men and women. With the vast majority of men suffering some degree of genetic hair loss over their lifetime. Not all hair loss conditions are inherited. Some hair loss conditions we can bring upon ourselves.

One form of hair loss is traction alopecia. The hair is open to excessive tension against the base of the scalp. The hair becomes weaker and finer and eventually can stop growing.  Another, medically classified as trichotillomania. When the person systematically pulls their hair.  Sometimes without consciously realising. If left untreated either condition can cause baldness. If severe it cannot be reversed. The damage to the hair follicles is too great.

There are autoimmune hair loss conditions. Alopecia areata. Small patches of hair loss that can develop into the more severe alopecia totalis. Can affect hair on any part of the body.  There is no cure to date. Tests have been carried out on this form or hair loss. But at present, there is no treatment that can reverse this hair loss condition.

Hair loss treatments can differ for men and women. So before starting any treatment seek medical advice. A hair loss consultation can help to diagnose the hair loss condition. As well as hair loss stage. Occasionally a blood test may be required. This can confirm any deficiency that can possibly be treated. Such as anaemia or thyroid.

The most common hair loss condition affects 80% of men over their lifetime. The earlier treatment is started the greater the chance to sustain the existing hair growth. In some cases improve the quality and condition of the existing hair. Although treatment will not lower hairlines or make thinning crown disappear they can give positive results.

With three FDA approved treatments for male pattern baldness. All require constant use.  An alternative to treatment can be a hair transplant. This requires careful planning before. Whether it is the right option and at the right time. The FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques move genetically strong hair to areas of hair loss to rebuild the look of hair coverage. What a hair transplant will not do is cure progressive or future hair loss and with many candidates combining a hair transplant with a hair loss treatment can complement each other to achieve the best result for the right candidate.

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