A Scarless Hair Transplant Technique


A Scarless Hair Transplant Technique

FUE has and is heralded by some in the hair restoration business as a scar-free hair transplant technique. Is this really possible or true?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a surgical hair transplant procedure that uses a small cylindrical tool that breaks the skin around a group of hairs called a follicular unit and is then removed. The result is a small wound in the skin that heals over time and the number of these wounds depends on how may grafts/follicular units are required for the desired result to be achieved.

The size of the cylindrical punch used can vary, often dependent on the Doctor´s preference and the natural hair characteristics, coarse curly hair opposed to straight fine hair. The diameter of the punch is obviously going to impact on the wound that is created and then left when healed.

So, the larger the incisions the potential for greater scarring is there; obviously, the skill of the Doctor needs to be considered but simply a larger hole is made thus making the scarring potentially more visible and larger.

Even if a small punch is used scarring will occur and dependent on the number of grafts removed and the pattern of extraction they may impact less or more on the look of your hair around the back and sides of your head. The more grafts required and removed risks over-harvesting the safe donor area leaving more obvious signs of hair loss and scarring, a “moth-eaten” look on the scalp can result, making it almost impossible to remove hair in the future if required.

To ensure not to overharvest there must be a limit to the number of FU that can be removed per cm²; removing much more than 30% per cm² will noticeably thin the donor area and potentially cause obviously visible scarring over a large area of the donor and create problems for future procedures.

This can mean with FUE that larger patterns of hair loss need to be treated over time and not in large hair transplant sessions, assuming the quality of hair characteristics in the donor can sustain advanced hair loss restoration with FUE in the first place.

Whenever there is a perfect technique or procedure available there is often ifs and buts or pros and cons that are not fully explained, maybe misunderstood by the practitioner or ignored. Be careful of everything appearing to be perfect as it is generally not the case.

When you consider a hair transplant it is common to only think of the immediate result and not consider future hair loss. As genetic hair loss is progressive ignoring the need to treat hair loss in the future will only lead to concerns and problems. Removing too much hair for a single hair transplant procedure can damage the donor area to a point future hair loss cannot be treated and leaving an unnatural pattern of growth over the top of your head as well as visible obvious scarring and patchy hair growth around the sides and back.

A full hair transplant consultation is important to your short and long-term happiness, ensure you have the opinion of a varied group of Clinics and experienced Doctors before making any decision.

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