When Hair Transplants Go Wrong


When Hair Transplants Go Wrong

Hair transplants are becoming a popular option for treating hair loss.  Largely because it is the permanent option. The hair around the back and sides of a man´s head is immune from the male pattern baldness gene. But is it that simple? A hair transplant needs medical and artistic skills. If not performed to a high standard. A hair transplant can go wrong on many levels. Ensure you are not a victim of a hair transplant that goes wrong.

So, where can a hair transplant go wrong?

Planning a hair transplant is crucial to the result. Regardless of the hair transplant technique is used. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). Donor hair management and graft placement are key elements to the best hair transplant result. Age, current hair loss stage. Hereditary patterns of hair loss, whether using a hair loss treatment are also considerations.

Hair loss can be an emotive issue. Especially at a younger age. The desires to restore a thinning hairline can seem irresistible. If we had a crystal ball we could see the pattern of hair loss in 10 years time. As a result, it´s likely we would make better decisions with more knowledge. Of course, it is not possible to 100% predict the future. But we can use guidelines to make an educated decision. Important when planning whether an individual is a good candidate for a hair transplant.

A hair transplant is considered to be a minor surgical procedure. But this does not mean the level of competence is standard by all Doctors.  Surgical hair restoration requires great skill. To extract the grafts with minimal change to the scalp. To place the hair to mimic nature and achieve natural hairlines, coverage and hair density.

There has been a rise in hair transplant providers. Often trying to dumb down the surgical importance of the techniques. There is a greater risk of not being informed of the consequences.  There is also the risk a Doctor may not figure importantly in your hair transplant procedure.

The risks are not always obvious straight away

It takes time for any hair transplant to grow. In fact, a full result can be anything from twelve to eighteen months. Before the hair has fully matured. Hopefully, the hair growth is natural and the desired result is achieved. But what if and when hair loss continues?

Genetic hair loss, male or female, is progressive. When planning a hair transplant the quality of the donor hair must be considered. The donor hair is around the back and sides of the scalp. The size of the area changes depends on the hair transplant technique.  With the natural hair characteristics helping to determine the quality of the candidate.

“Almost everyone can have one hair transplant. But future hair loss must be considered.  If the donor area cannot sustain progressive hair loss then the first hair transplant should not be performed.” Dr Fotis Gkaragkounis, Hair Transplant Specialist. 

The best technique for donor management

Either technique can greatly damage the quality of the donor area in one procedure.  Leaving the area unable to sustain future hair loss. Over-harvesting the donor area or causing excessive scarring. Damaging the remaining hair. Causing increased miniaturisation or shock-loss. This may not be obvious straight away. Even once a hair transplant result has grown out.  Sometimes only when hair loss has progressed further. As a result, there is a need to consider another hair transplant.

If it´s too good to be true

Research is important when looking at any medical or cosmetic surgical procedure. Ensure you have a comprehensive consultation. To diagnose your hair loss condition. Resulting in an assessment of your hair restoration options.

Take time before making your decision. Do not be too quick to trust without checking the information. Rarely are there no drawbacks to a medical procedure. If everything is a big yes be concerned.

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