How To Arrange A Hair Transplant

How To Arrange A Hair Transplant

The popularity of a hair transplant is growing every year. With more and more celebrities having the procedure. Whether it is to make them look younger, for their career prospects. Or to improve self-confidence. The likes of Wayne Rooney, Robbie Williams, Mel Gibson, and other high profile figures have boosted the appeal of this permanent surgical procedure.

So, if it´s good enough for them it must be good enough for you, right? A hair transplant, like any cosmetic procedure, requires money to purchase.  But, just because you can afford does not mean everyone should have one.

A hair transplant is a relatively minor surgical procedure. Regardless if using the FUT or FUE techniques. But that does not mean it is simple to achieve a natural looking result. There are two major aspects to a hair transplant. The medical standards and protocols required to perform the surgical procedure. Then, the artistic qualities to achieve the look of a perfectly natural hairline and looking head of hair.

Is Age, or Future Hair Loss Important?

When we are younger there is a big temptation to want everything now. Partly driven by the throwaway society we live in today. So, we see a few hairs falling out or a slight recession to our youthful hairline. The immediate thought is a permanent hair transplant to fix this problem.

Typical and common male pattern baldness affects most men and is slow and progressive in nature. So, a slight hairline recession today can result in an advanced hair loss pattern in a few years time. OK, then if I lose more hair I´ll just get another hair transplant, right?

A hair transplant works because our hair around the back and sides of our head is genetically strong. Not affected by the male pattern baldness gene, unlike the hair on top. Some of these “donor hairs” can be removed over time to replace areas of hair loss. But it is limited to how much can be taken and how often.

Planning your hair restoration

Starting your hair restoration journey too early can result in chasing hair loss. Needing minor touch-ups. Every time a little hair loss occurs to maintain a natural look of coverage. It´s far from practical. It can also mean running out of donor hair way before your hair loss pattern has matured.  Leaving you with a low, adolescent-looking hairline and minimal hair coverage behind, commonly known as a front-loaded result.

This does not mean advanced hair loss cannot be treated with a hair transplant. But simply means planning is important to achieve your long-term look of a good head of hair. That looks natural now and in the future.

If you spend your hard earned money you expect results. Results can mean the difference between looking natural or being disfigured. It takes on a new urgency and waiting looks appealing. Rather than rushing into something blindly.

If you understand what is important and realistic to expect, and do your research before making the decision on the Doctor and Clinic to perform your hair transplant then your life can be improved for the better. Your happiness and well-being are too important to rush or make the wrong decision, so, do everything you can to ensure you will be happy.

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