Preparing For Your Hair Transplant


Preparing For Your Hair Transplant

So, you have pulled the trigger. Decided on your Doctor and Clinic. Fixed the date and paid your deposit for your hair transplant. The date is getting closer and you want to prepare for the big day. Make sure you have everything arranged. This will help to ensure it goes smoothly and no hiccups.

What can you do to help make things go well?

Your haircut, long or short hair and will it change because of the hair transplant procedure?

If you are going to undertake the FUT/Strip technique it is advisable to start to think about allowing your hair to grow a little longer. Not shaved. As the longer hair will conceal the donor area. If undergoing FUE it may be an idea to cut your hair short. As your hair around the donor area has to be shaved anyway. This will help you and those around you get accustomed to seeing you with short hair. Possibly stop unwanted questions when you get back to normal life.

Avoid direct strong sunlight, avoid sunburn at all costs. If you colour your hair make the last time around a month before. The clinic may ask you to avoid or reduce any heavy exercise. Especially a week or so beforehand. As this can induce increased bleeding during the procedure.

Medications and Supplements

Inform your doctor of any medical conditions or medications that you suffer from or take. Including non- prescriptive supplements, vitamins, nutritional supplements. Over-the-counter medication and prescription drugs you currently take. You must also inform your doctor if you are using any recreational drugs, e.g. marijuana, cocaine etc.

Your clinic will probably instruct you to desist from taking elements that thin the blood. Avoid aspirin and products containing aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen® and vitamins B & E. As well as multiple vitamins which contain ginseng, and garlic pills.

Alcohol and Nicotine

Alcohol and nicotine can create unnecessary difficulties during and post-operation and should be avoided 48 hours prior to the day. Smokers should avoid or minimise intake for 48 hours prior to surgery.


If you are using Minoxidil the majority of doctors will instruct you to stop sometimes a week before whereas Finasteride can be continued and no need to stop.

Always talk with your Clinic of choice if you have questions or doubts, always better to be safe than sorry.

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