Will I Be Happy With My Hair Transplant?

Will I Be Happy With My Hair Transplant?

Will I Be Happy With My Hair Transplant?

Whatever you spend your hard earned money you expect results. A hair transplant result can be the difference between a natural looking head of hair and not. Is there a way to ensure you will be happy with your hair transplant?

Hair loss, for men and women, can be stressful. Impact on our daily lives and self-confidence. We live in a world of fast-paced decision making. The immediate answer to questions. Or immediate happiness. Often, the first reaction to problem-solving is not the best. Certainly not when considering a medical procedure. That needs time to research. Undergo numerous consultations.

A hair transplant is a relatively minor surgical procedure. Regardless if using the FUT or FUE techniques. But that does not mean it is simple to achieve a natural looking result. There are two major aspects to a hair transplant. The medical standards, and artistic qualities. To achieve the look of a perfectly natural hairline and looking head of hair.

Doctors are Doctors, What´s the Problem?

Most hair transplant procedure will last the best part of a day to perform. Even small hairline reconstruction can take 5-8 hours. Some procedures may be performed over two consecutive days. The Doctor should play a major role in your procedure. From your consultation to planning to hair design. To performing certain aspects of the procedure. As well as overseeing the entire process. The Doctor´s technical team are important. With an experienced team working together to help the Doctor.

There is a process to a hair transplant. From the removal of the grafts/follicular units. Cleaning and checking of the grafts under magnification. To the making of the recipient sites and then to the placement of the hairs. Every aspect of this process needs to be performed to the highest standard. No cutting corners or sub-standard techniques or inferior medical equipment.

From the removal of the grafts and ensuring the minimum changes occur to the donor area. To the checking of the grafts to ensure their quality takes time and experience. Making of the tiny slits requires an understanding of the depth and orientation. The grafts need to be positioned correctly. Otherwise, the hairs will be too deep or too shallow. Causing visible scarring or facing the wrong direction. Looking unnatural.

Speed should be second to efficiency. Speed over quality results in a poor technique. 

We All Have The Artist in Us …. Don´t We? 

A minimum is that a hair transplant is performed to a medically competent standard. But, if the Doctor does not have an artistic understanding a natural result can´t be achieved. An appreciation of facial bone-structure and natural proportions is necessary. Otherwise, a hair transplant will never appear natural looking to the eye. The hairline is considered the most important aspect of hair restoration. It frames our face to give a more youthful appearance to our features. If positioned too high or low it changes the balanced look of our features. The temple points need to be correctly aligned. Otherwise, a male hairline can appear feminine. Or worse, simply appear totally unnatural for either gender.

Planning a hair transplant cannot be underestimated. Your age, hair loss stage and potential hair loss in the future. Also, the quality of your hair characteristics. They can make or break the quality of your hair restoration.

A hair transplant is personal. It needs careful planning and understanding. Considering the candidate’s expectations and goals. Versus what can realistically be achieved. Having realistic expectations. Researching the quality of the Clinic. You will go a long way in achieving your personal hair transplant result.

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