Interesting Facts About Our Hair

Interesting Facts About Your Hair

Interesting Facts About Our Hair

For most of us we take our hair for granted. Wake up, wash, comb and style our hair and into our daily routine. Maybe when we start to see a change in our hair. We learn some interesting facts about our hair. We start to pay more attention to these thin strands that make us look and feel younger and give us options on how we look and present ourselves to others.

A single hair has a lifespan of about five years depending on your hair characteristics

The hair on different areas of our body has different growth cycles phases

As heat stimulates circulation our hair grows slightly faster in warm weather

Hair is 50% carbon, 21% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen, and 5% sulphur

Hair is made up mostly of keratin, the same protein such as in animals’ horns, hooves, and claws

Healthy hair when wet can stretch by 30% of its length

The hair shaft we see on our heads is actually dead, with the exception of the hair that’s still inside the epidermis of your scalp.

Hair contains information about everything that has been carried through our bloodstream

Gender cannot be identified from hair, you can´t tell the sex of the person from the hair shaft

Black is the most common hair color

Red is the rarest hair colour, with blonde hair found in 2% of the population

Hair grows everywhere on the human body with the exception of the palms of hands, soles of feet, eyelids, lips

Hair acts as a protective layer of thermal insulation over our heads, which lacks the insulation that fat provides for the rest of our bodies

Balding/Hair loss becomes visible once you’ve lost approximately 40% of the hairs on your scalp.

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