Myths About Hair Loss


Myths About Hair Loss

When we notice hair loss one of our first feelings is what can we do to stop this. We see more hair on our pillow or shedding when we wash or brush our hair. We all have good and bad hair days so when and what are the possible causes and what is a total myth about the causes of hair loss?

Men with high levels of the male hormone testosterone are more likely to go bald 

UNTRUE –  The male hormone plays a large role in male pattern baldness.  When testosterone turns into DHT. But it is the hair follicles that have the MPB gene and this determines how progressive hair loss may be.

Wearing hats will cause hair loss

UNTRUE – Under normal circumstances, there is no reason to think wearing a hat, cap, a helmet will cause any hair loss over time. Hair follicles are fed from within the scalp. They receive oxygen from blood vessels under your skin. A hat may pull at the hair shaft but not damage the root.

Hair loss is a male problem 

UNTRUE – Hair loss affects men and women alike. Although female pattern hair loss is generally different from the male pattern. Can also have more causes. Some 40 per cent of women will experience the thinning of their hair during their lifetime. Eighty per cent will experience significant hair loss by age 60.

If I Shampoo it will cause hair loss

UNTRUE – If you shampoo daily or once a month you will see hairs falling. It is not the action of shampooing your hair that causes the hair loss. Hair naturally sheds regardless if you shampoo or not.

Hair transplant look unnatural

UNTRUE – Surgical hair restoration techniques have moved a long way from the early days. When a pluggy unnatural look was considered normal. Now, follicular unit grafting is normal using the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques. The hairs are moved in their natural state. Hairlines can be designed to mimic nature As well as a natural looking hair coverage and density.

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