Myths About Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

Myths About Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

Myths About Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

When we notice hair loss one of our first feelings is what can we do to stop it. We see more hair on our pillow or shedding when we wash or brush our hair. We all have good and bad hair days. So when and what are the possible causes? what is a total myth about the causes of hair loss and hair restoration?

Hair loss stops as you age
UNTRUE – Hair loss especially genetic hair loss in men or women is progressive. It can be slow and appear to not change greatly but it will continue over time as we age.

Constant haircuts make your hair grow thicker 
UNTRUE – The actual hair we see on our head is made up of dead cells and so cutting the hair is not going to make it grow thicker. Often when our hair is sorter it can have the look of being thicker.

It´s your mum´s fault you lose hair
UNTRUE – Hair loss can be inherited from the maternal or paternal sides of the family with a random mix of genes of your entire family tree.

Using hair products and blow drying will cause hair loss 
UNTRUE – Certainly hair products if used excessively or aggressively can damage your hair but they will not cause hair loss.

A hair transplant will cure hair loss
UNTRUE – A hair transplant will not stop any progressive hair loss. A hair transplant can cover areas of hair loss with genetically strong hair but hair loss can still occur on other areas of the head. Surgical hair restoration techniques the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques the hairs are moved in their natural state. Hairlines can be designed to mimic nature as well as a natural looking hair coverage and density.

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