Non-Scarring Hair Transplant Technique

Non-Scarring Hair Transplant Technique

A scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound has healed, every wound will leave a scar, the size of the scar can depend on the punch and technique and skin characteristics.

With a little hair length, the coverage hides the scalp and so hides any scarring. The shorter the hair is cut the more likely the scarring will be visible. FUT will leave a linear scar around the back and sides of the head and will vary in the length dependent on the size of the procedure. FUE will leave small white dots in a random manner around the sides and back, some may appear as simply hairless areas or gaps between the surrounding hairs.

If the doctor or any person representing a clinic infers a hair transplant does not scar or uses terms such as “scarless” or “seamless” they should be questioned and asked to put their claims in writing.

The FUE hair transplant technique has become a topic of what defines calling a scar a scar as marketing by some tries to depict the technique as a simple, almost non-surgical procedure, which it is not.

Many factors will determine how visible FUE scarring maybe, from the skin complexion to the quality and standard of the individual carrying out the FUE procedure to the number of grafts removed and the pattern of extraction.


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