Pros and Cons to the FUE Hair Transplant Technique


Pros and Cons to the FUE Hair Transplant Technique

Deciding you want to do something about your hair loss is only the first step. There are many decisions to make to ensure the best hair transplant result. Hairline design, the number of grafts used. An important decision is which of the two techniques to use.

Hair transplant techniques have changed over time. Many are no longer used today. Considered to be too aggressive and delivering poor results. A hair transplant needs to deliver in two areas. In hair growth and donor management. If both are performed to a high standard a hair transplant cannot be seen as a success.

The choice of hair transplant technique is by necessity. Some are ideal candidates for either technique. Others may better suit one over the other. Other candidates can combine both in one procedure. Helping to maximise the hair coverage that can be achieved.

Follicular Unit Extraction, is a less invasive procedure compared to the strip harvesting method. It leaves no linear scar and no need for a suture. Overall the downtime after is less with FUE. Especially allowing sporting activities faster.

FUE extraction although is slower. Time-consuming to perform. With each hair unit being removed one by one. Especially compared to the Strip Technique. As a result, an experienced FUE specialist can perform around 1500 and 2000 in a one-day session. Larger sessions can be performed over a two-day procedure. With careful planning.


FUE leaves no linear scarring.

Post-operative recovery is faster and easier than other hair transplant techniques.

FUE can allow the candidate to wear their hair very short or even shaved in some cases.

Ideal for smaller procedures.

Able to “cherry pick” FU to suit the area of placement.

Widens the donor area to expand the number of FU available in conjunction with Strip.

Gives a new alternative to repair patients to widen the harvesting potential, especially with the advent of BH.


Can leave the appearance of “shotgun” scarring over the donor.

Slow to perform when using the traditional manual punch method, so the graft number per operation will be low compared to Strip.

The potential for increased transection and lower yield in inexperienced hands.

Overall a lower number of FU can be removed compared to Strip, making it generally unsuitable for higher levels of hair loss, NW5 and above.

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