Follicular Unit Grafting FUT and FUE, Which Technique to Use


Follicular Unit Grafting FUT and FUE, Which Technique to Use

Having come to the decision to restore your hair. One of the next choices is which technique to use. Follicular unit grafting is the latest hair transplant method today. Used by both the hair transplant techniques. They mainly differ in the donor management methods. So, as both use follicular unit grafting which to use. The FUE or FUT hair transplant techniques is the question.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is generally more suited for smaller procedures. If only because it will not leave a linear scar. This allows less obvious signs of any hair transplant being performed. FUE becomes harder with larger sessions. Either because of the potential to over-harvest the donor area. Or maybe taking hair follicles outside the safe donor area zone.

Hair and skin characteristics 

The strip is preferable for larger sessions and high Norwood stage cases.  When FUE cannot safely extract the follicular units in one session. Or, possibly even multiple sessions. A strip can give the person much greater coverage quicker. It will leave a linear scar. Strip with the Trichophytic Closure has a benefit over FUE. When the hair is removed it does not affect donor hair density. The laxity of the skin will alter slightly. But not to the point it affects another session later.

FUE the skin surface area remains the same. But the hair density decreases. This is because hair has been taken.  This will obviously reduce the number of grafts able to be extracted later.

The technique really depends on what you need and what your donor can afford. Of course with long-term planning always in mind. This long-term planning from the first procedure is critical. With you and the doctor ensuring you are on the same page with the same goals.

All patients want to achieve a result that is thick and natural. In reality, a patient´s insufficient donor hair can restrict the surgeon´s ability to accomplish this “ultimate result.” It is important to understand that it is not always possible to achieve the ultimate goal. Sometimes a compromise has to be made. Understand your expectations and what is possible. If they match. You can achieve a great hair transplant result.

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